Operation Rescue continues its call for pro-lifers to come to Wichita January 19-22

Washington, DC — A former abortion patient of George R. Tiller, the infamous late-term abortionist from Wichita, Kansas, appeared on the Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday evening and told details of her horrific late-abortion experience and the devastating emotional aftermath she experienced.
Identified only as “Kelly” the woman related how, at age 14, she was taken to Kansas by her parents from her home in Maryland, and given an abortion in the 20th week of pregnancy.
According to Kelly, she was forced to deliver her dead child into a toilet, an event that traumatized her and led to self-destructive behavior over the next ten years.
“If you don’t do anything else today, you must watch this video,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. (Click here to view)
“The pain of Kelly’s abortion was still evident in her face. Even O’Reilly seemed deeply affected by her story. Unfortunately, her tragedy is being repeated every week at George Tiller’s abortion mill on other vulnerable girls. There are literally thousands of Kelly’s out there, each with her own horrific story to tell,” said Newman.
Tiller is currently under criminal investigation by the Kansas Attorney General’s office for illegal late-term abortions and the concealment of child rape. He narrowly escaped indictments by a grand jury earlier this year in the abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert.
“Operation Rescue is calling all men and women of conscience to come to Wichita January 19-22 for an event aptly named ‘A Cry For Justice,’” said Newman. “We will continue to focus the eyes of the nation on Tiller’s heinous killing practice and demand he be brought to justice. We are drawing a line in the sand. The killing stops here.”
Click here to watch The O’Reilly Factor Segment featuring Kelly
Click here for updated information on A Cry For Justice event Jan. 19-22