Topeka, KS – Attorneys for District Attorney Phill Kline filed a brief on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, in the Planned Parenthood v. Kline case that included two exhibits that show how Planned Parenthood manufactured evidence to conceal misdemeanor crimes, and prove the abortion group lied about not doing abortions after 22 weeks. The documents also show that the near-hysteria over patient privacy is, in fact, a non-existent issue trumped up by Planned Parenthood and the Attorney General’s office to deflect attention from criminal conduct.
Once Kline’s legal team filed their brief on Wednesday, the attachments became public.
At issue is a two-sided form that abortion clinics must complete and file with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, (KDHE), for each abortion done at 22 weeks gestation or later. A copy of that form must be kept in the patient’s medical record file. It is a misdemeanor not to do so.
The documents made public on Wednesday are two versions of the same patient form.
The first form was submitted to the KDHE and obtained from them through subpoena while Kline was still the Attorney General. The second form was produced by Planned Parenthood at a later date and was represented by them to be a photocopy of the form submitted to the KDHE. (View the Forms)
Planned Parenthood was asked to produce the form when it was discovered to be missing from the abortion patient record files that were granted to Kline by the Kansas Supreme Court in 2006. Judge Richard Anderson became suspicious that the form submitted by Planned Parenthood was not a true photocopy of the original form on file with the KDHE. Anderson consulted with a police handwriting expert who verified that the forms were not the same. Anderson became suspicious that Planned Parenthood had manufactured the second form to cover up for the fact that they did not keep copies of the form in the patient files.
Judge Anderson shared his concerns with then Attorney General Paul Morrison, who ignored the evidence and later issued a letter “clearing” Planned Parenthood in June, 2007.
Planned Parenthood attributed the obvious differences in handwriting to unlikely story that the office did not own a copy machine at the time.
“They expect us to believe that in 2003, this large volume abortion clinic, the centerpiece of an organization that operates eleven clinics in two states, did not own a copy machine and was forced to transcribe copies by hand? That is the lamest, most unbelievable fairytale we have heard from these people yet,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger.
In addition each form indicates that the gestational age of the aborted baby was 23 weeks, contradicting statements made by Planned Parenthood CEO Peter Brownlie that his abortion clinic did not do abortion past 22 weeks.
“Brownlie and his cohorts have been caught red-handed fabricating evidence, lying to the public and covering up for their late-term abortion business,” said Sullenger.
Now it makes perfect sense why there has been such frenzied desperation on the part of Planned Parenthood and the Attorney General’s office to keep these records from seeing the light of day. It had nothing to do with patient privacy and everything to do with concealing crimes and corruption. The Attorney General’s office obviously did not want the public to know that it dropped all charges against Planned Parenthood after knowing that these records had been manufactured. The cat is out of the bag now, and it is evident that this case must be allowed to proceed using all the available evidence and without further impediment.”
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