Fundraising letter signed by Tiller shows an additional $200,000 given by him in 2002 gubernatorial race

Washington, DC – Operation Rescue has released a copy of a letter signed by late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, stating that he personally contributed $200,000 to ProKanDo, a political action committee he controlled, to defeat Kathleen Sebelius’ challenger in the 2002 Kansas gubernatorial race and “make sure we have a pro-choice Governor.” Tiller also makes a plea to raise an additional $250,000 to influence the governor’s race.
The letter shows that Sebelius, who has been nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services, still has not admitted the full extent of the financial support she has received from Tiller throughout her political career.
“This letter is the smoking gun showing that Sebelius continues to conceal the full extent of her financial support from Tiller,” said Troy Newman Operation Rescue President. “Kathleen Sebelius benefited from the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Tiller personally gave to influence the outcome of the 2002 election in her favor. This letter is undeniable evidence that Sebelius has yet to come clean with the Senate Finance Committee, and with the American people concerning her strong financial ties to abortionist Tiller.”
Sebelius lied to the Senate Finance Committee in a written statement, indicating that Tiller had given her $12,450 during her campaigns for Insurance Commissioner, but denied any further contributions. She later admitted that she received an additional $26,000 in contributions, but only after her “oversight” was exposed by Operation Rescue then verified and reported by the Associated Press.
“Sebelius just can’t seem to tell the truth about her connections with Tiller. Her continued deception in this matter makes her unfit to serve in any political capacity, much less as the head of HHS, where she will have the ability to influence abortion policy,” said Newman. “People want honesty and transparency in government, and Sebelius has proven that they will never get that from her.”
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