Dear Friend of Life,

The Summer Olympics will begin very soon in Beijing, China. As you are probably aware, China’s “one child per family” policy has led to forced abortions on an unprecedented scale. Additional babies, or those with defects are aborted – whether the family likes it or not! Because the families depend on their sons to provide for them in their old age, girl babies are often aborted or left to die.
As the attention of the world turns to China for the Summer Olympics, God has opened an amazing door for us to send a missionary to Beijing to help expose China’s draconian abortion policies.
While there, our missionary will work with a Christian ministry in China that goes to the hospitals and combs the streets looking for babies that have survived forced abortions or who have been “thrown away” due to birth defects or their sex. These courageous men and women risk their freedom – and even their lives – to care for those precious babies.
We can’t tell you who the missionary is or the name of the brave group of Christians in China for safety reasons.
Our missionary’s expenses, including travel, will be $6,000. We must raise this in the next week in order for our missionary to fulfill the call that God has placed on a willing heart.
In addition, our missionary has sought the Lord diligently, and feels called to lead a prayer vigil that could capture the attention of the world during the Olympics. In China, where Christians are routinely persecuted, this is indeed something that could help convict the world of the love of God and the sanctity of life.
This is not the first brave and selfless act in which our missionary has participated. We have learned that when God leads this individual, amazing things can be expected!
But in order for all this to happen, we need to raise money. It would be very much appreciated if you could make a donation of any amount to this heroic mission trip. (Just click here to donate.)
This is a once in a life-time opportunity to be a part of an amazing outreach to a nation in bondage to the wickedness of abortion and infanticide, and draw attention of the world to this injustice.
Won’t you please help? Simply CLICK HERE to donate or visit our web site for other giving options.
For the glory of God,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue