Barack Obama Is A Baby-Killing LIAR!

  • He has a 100% pro-abortion approval rating from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, and the National Abortion Federation!
    • He voted against protecting late-term viable babies from Partial Birth Abortion!
      • He voted against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act!
        • He wants to make abortion MORE AVAILABLE than it is now!
          • He wants YOU to PAY for ALL abortions through your hard-earned tax dollars!
            • He wants to PROTECT the abominable Roe v. Wade decision at all costs!
              • Yet he pretends to be a “moderate” and a “Christian”—and he’s successfully fooling good people across America into voting for him!

                      Dear Faithful Friend of Operation Rescue,
                      Barack Obama is going to steal this election by LYING to the American people!
                      You see, he doesn’t want them to know about his EXTREME pro-abortion record and his relentless desire to “keep abortion legal”even the monstrous PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION, which he fully supports!!!
                      The problem (as usual) is that the liberal/pro-abort news media are covering up for Obama!
                      They know—and he knows—that if the American people knew how rabidly pro-abortion Obama is, he wouldn’t stand a chance in November!!!
                      The American people are rightfully disgusted and repulsed by the very thought of Partial Birth Abortion.
                      They also don’t want to PAY for abortions with their tax dollars!!!
                      But Barack Obama wants to see both of those heinous policies enacted if and when he becomes President of the United States.
                      He already voted to DENY the basic protection of LIFE to little babies who are “accidentally” born alive after a botched abortion! He said he didn’t want to support the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (the Illinois version) because it might open the door to ADMITTING that the baby is a PERSON!!
                      Yes, this from a man who decries what happened to Blacks in America, when they were treated as “private property” instead of PERSONS during the dark days of SLAVERY in the United States.
                      He claims that he’s the champion of the downtrodden… the oppressed… the voiceless… the disenfranchised… and those who don’t have the opportunity to live a decent life.
                      And yet… he’s the most pro-abortion presidential candidate ever!
                      Plus, as everyone knows… the abortion industry TARGETS THE BLACK POPULATION to such an overwhelming degree, ONE OUT OF THREE BLACK BABIES are being killed by abortion these days!!!
                      What does Barack Obama have to say about that???

                      He says he doesn’t want his daughters to be “PUNISHED WITH A BABY” in the event of a crisis pregnancy!!!
                      Yes, he views babies as a “punishment”not a gift from God!
                      What kind of compassionate Christian is that???
                      Not the kind I know!
                      The Christians I know will welcome… protect… shelter… feed… clothe… and ADOPT “unplanned” babies—as well as their mothers.
                      But not Barack Obama! HE WANTS TO KILL THEM!!!
                      It’s as if Barack Obama HATES BABIES!!!
                      Want proof?
                      We recently launched a new web site,, with all the documentation you could want, including most of the information in this letter.
                      In some of the remarks he gave in a speech at a major Planned Parenthood conference in New York last year, Obama said his FIRST PRIORITY once he gets into the White House is to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act”—which would not only make legalized abortion a national law (right now it’s not), but it would overturn every pro-life limit put in place by state legislatures in every state in the country!!!
                      What’s more…
                      He promises to appoint only pro-Roe v. Wade justices to the Supreme Court.
                      He wants to include abortion in Medicare coverage and have taxpayers pay for all child-killing.
                      He opposes any law that requires PARENTS to be notified in advance if their under-age daughter is seeking an abortion.
                      He wants more contraception handed out to our children in public schools… more sex ed filling their minds with thoughts of promiscuous sex… more access to the “morning after” pill that kills babies immediatelymore drugs like RU-486 that kill babies with dangerous chemicals instead of surgery.
                      The list goes on and on. But the bottom line is, in spite of all his high-sounding rhetoric, Barack Obama is a vicious BABY-KILLER!!!

                      No, he doesn’t perform the actual abortions…

                    • He doesn’t suck the baby’s body from the mother’s womb, piece by piece, with a vacuum tube.
                      • He doesn’t crush the baby’s head with forceps or stab the baby in the skull with scissors, while the rest of the baby’s body is fully delivered.
                        • He doesn’t inject a saline solution into the womb and burn the baby alive.
                          • He doesn’t stick a needle into the baby’s heart and give it a dose of a deadly heart-stopping drug.
                            • And he doesn’t snuff the baby’s life out by strangulation or suffocation after an abortion ‘goes wrong’ and the baby is born alive.
                            • No. Obama never gets his hands dirty.
                              But he DOES ENABLE all of these vile, unspeakable atrocities to take place in abortion mills all across this country—every single day!!!
                              He does it with each vote he casts that ends up killing unborn babies.
                              THAT is what makes Barack Obama a baby-killernot much different than if he performed the abortions himself.
                              And if he becomes President of the United States, he will wreak absolute havoc on the cause of the unborn!
                              He will make it his
                              mission to see that MORE babies are killed in this country than ever before!

                              He’ll make abortion more available… AND MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT!!!
                              He will see to it that Roe v. Wade is NEVER overturned!
                              And that is what makes him such an abominable candidate.
                              It’s why we keep saying…
                              Abortion is an “Obamanation”!!!
                              The BIG problem, however, is that most Americans are completely UNAWARE of Obama’s extreme abortion advocacy!
                              They don’t know what you and I know about Barack Obama.
                              But now—with your help—they’re about to find out!
                              And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

                              We Need Your Help To EXPOSE BARRACK OBAMA
                              To America’s Voters —Before It’s Too Late!!!

                              And we’re going to do it in DENVER, COLORADO—at the Democratic National Convention, which takes place on August 25-28… in fact, as you read this (August 22) I am on the road now headed to Denver with one of our four Truth Trucks that will be rolling during the DNC!
                              We at Operation Rescue are going to be there IN FULL FORCE.
                              But we’re going to need your financial support to make it all possible.
                              I’ve added up all the costs, and it’s going to be a significant burden on our already-strained budget. I’m talking about tens of thousands of dollars, just for starters.
                              Is it worth it?
                              You see, the eyes and ears of the entire nation will be focused on Denver during the Democrat National Convention.
                              Every news media outlet in the world will be represented there.
                              Thousands of reporters… thousands of cameras… and thousands of radio, TV, and Internet broadcasters.

                              And we’ll be there—with FOUR of our powerful Truth Trucks, swarming the downtown area so that the news media can’t possibly ignore us!
                              Plus, we’re prepared for the possibility of harassment and perhaps even arrest or having the Truth Trucks impounded at any moment—simply because the enemy can’t stand to have us on the streets, showing the truth about abortion, in all its gory details.
                              We have prepared NEW SIGNS just for exposing Barack Obama—and showing the entire nation how pro-abortion he really is.
                              The signs alone will cost us $1,000 each. But they’re absolutely necessary if we’re going to stop Obama in his tracks in Denver.
                              Nothing else gets the point across—and drives home the truth about abortion—like our Truth Truck signs.
                              And now YOU can be part of this great battle when you help us go to Denver with a full “armada” of Truth Trucks and new signs exposing Obama.
                              Unfortunately, due to the high price of fuel these days, it’s going to cost a small fortune to get all the Truth Trucks to Denver and drive around for 5 days!

                              But we MUST seize this opportunity to EXPOSE Barack Obama for what he really is—a harsh, merciless, committed, doctrinaire baby-killer who has never met an abortion he doesn’t like!!!
                              When we’re in Denver, we’re going to give Barack Obama a huge dose of our “stock-in-trade” specialty: Showing The Truth about abortion… in no uncertain terms… to everyone at the Convention, to everyone in Denver, and (via the media) to everyone in the nation.
                              This is going to be BIG.
                              Barack Obama will not know what hit him.
                              Nor will all the other “Deathocrats” at the Convention.
                              But to make it all happen…
                              We Desperately Need Your Help Right Now!
                              I’m sad to say that our funds are virtually non-existent. We’re just scraping by. In fact, I barely had enough money for postage to send you this letter.
                              And to go to Denver, we’re going to need at least $40,000 to cover all our expenses.
                              Just the cost of fuel to get four Trucks to Denver and back to their home locations around the nation—and driving all over the city for five straight days—will run about $20,000.
                              We just received a shipment of NEW SIGNS for the Trucks that proclaim…
                              “ABORTION IS AN OBAMANATION!”
                              We even launched a special Web site: – just for this campaign. We want people to go there and learn all about Barack Obama’s real stance in favor of baby-killing. But the cost of all these signs will be almost $10,000.
                              We also need to print tens of thousands of our graphic flyers about abortion. The cost? $2,000.
                              And, because we’re dealing with people who will be acting like demons from hell, we anticipate needing on-the-spot legal help. This alone means we need a “war chest” of another $11,000.
                              As you can see, we’re going into the middle of a war in Denver. And we need your help.
                              The pro-aborts are truly scared that a pro-lifer will be elected and Roe v. Wade will get overturned.
                              However, with Barack Obama leading in the polls right now, we need to attack his Achilles heel—his obstinate, defiant pro-abortion stance.

                              Most Americans can’t stomach abortion. That’s why Obama doesn’t want it to be a major issue in a presidential election.

                              But if we can expose him and persuade enough people to not vote for Barack Obama, he will lose.
                              Denver’s Catholic Archbishop Chaput said, “The problem is not only politicians who support abortion, but those Catholics who vote for them!”
                              With your help, we’re going to proclaim it from the housetops in Denver in August.

                              Will You Help Us?
                              This really is going to be the most pivotal election in U.S. history regarding abortion.
                              We will never get another chance like this to finally win.
                              And I fear we will never recover if we lose.
                              Please send your largest possible gift—right now—so that we can go to Denver with confidence, strength, and hope.
                              Send us there. Send your prayers. Send some angels. And send a message to Barack Obama that the people of the United States of America do NOT want to keep living in a country that murders—in cold blood—over one million babies every year… simply because they’re inconvenient.
                              This is our chance. Perhaps our only chance. Perhaps our last chance.
                              God help us if we fail.
                              For the babies – always,
                              Troy Newman
                              P.S. It’s critical that we receive your life-saving gift immediately. Please don’t delay. CLICK HERE to donate online.
                              P.P.S. Here’s what Barack Obama said on the floor of the Illinois senate when he was the ONLY person to speak against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Read this and you’ll see how this man really feels about unborn babies…

                              “Number one, whenever we define a pre-viable fetus as a person that is protected by the Equal Protection Clause or the other elements in the Constitution, what we’re really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a — a child, a 9-month old — child that was delivered to term. That determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it — it would essentially bar abortions, because the Equal Protection Clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute.”

                              He’s right. Unborn babies ARE “persons” who deserve equal protection under the Constitution.
                              But he’s adamantly opposed to giving them that protection!
                              He doesn’t believe they’re “persons”—much like the Black slaves in the U.S. were only “three-fifths” persons.
                              Does this man deserve to be President of the United States???
                              Please help us defeat him—BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!
                              Donate online now or click here for more giving options.