By Cheryl Sullenger
Lexington, KY – Abortionist Hamid Sheikh has had his medical license suspended and his Lexington, Kentucky, abortion mill closed after the state’s medical board revealed evidence of fraud, filthy conditions, and illegal abortions that led one reporter to describe Sheikh’s clinic as a “hellish abortion operation.”
Sheikh as been indicted for defrauding Medicaid out of thousands of dollars. He is also accused of maintaining unsanitary conditions, including dirty hospital gowns and surgical equipment. An investigation revealed out of date medications and biohazard waste that had not been picked up for twelve weeks.
Women have come forward saying Sheikh did not use pain medications and that abortions he committed on them were excruciatingly painful. One teenager reported that she was told to “shut up” because her screams would disturb the other patients.
A video report from WHAS Channel 11 details the horrors that occurred at Sheikh’s Lexington abortion mill. (Click to view.)
“The horrific conditions discovered at Sheikh’s mill are not the exception; they are what we have come to expect from America’s failing abortion industry,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
In recent years, numerous abortion mills have closed after abortionists have been discovered to have botched abortions, provided unsanitary and unsafe conditions, and committed fraud. The number of abortion clinics has been steadily decreasing, along with the number of abortionists.
“Doctors that are concerned about helping and healing people do not go into the abortion business. Therefore, what the abortion industry is left with is the bottom of the barrel. When abortion mills are inspected and laws are enforced, we can expect to see pulled licenses and closed clinics. Unfortunately, abortion mills are all too often given a free pass, but even that is beginning to change as the public becomes more aware of incidents like this,” said Newman.
“We are thankful that Sheikh has been caught and will now be held accountable for the human suffering that he has caused.”