Englewood, NJ — The New Jersey Department of Health has released information detailing filthy conditions at Metropolitan Medical Associates, an abortion mill closed by the state after a woman suffered 4 weeks in a coma and other complications due to a botched abortion there.
Health officials found dirty and rusted surgical equipment, a quarter inch of “brownish blood-like residue” and debris under procedure tables in four abortion rooms, and incomplete medical records. Their inspection found that “sanitary” equipment had been removed from its packaging and the contents stored in open bins and drawers with maintenance supplies, along with the discovery of other serious.
A clinic worker admitted that the abortion room floors were cleaned only twice a week, in spite of the clinic being one of the busiest abortion mills in New Jersey, doing over 10,000 abortions per year.
Attorney for Metropolitan, Frank Capece, complained about the “rigorous” inspection and having to meet a certain standard of cleanliness before being allowed to reopen.
“There’s no doubt that we’re being held to a strict standard, a tougher standard than any other facility that we know of,” Capece told reporters.
“Mr. Capece’s whining about having to meet standards falls flat when one considers the horrific nature of the violations. He acts like being required to use sterile, rust free surgical instruments, and being asked to mop the floors is some kind of outrageous burden. If his client really feels that way, they are not qualified to be in the medical business,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In fact, Mr. Capece’s comments speak volumes about the lack of concern these people have for the health and well-being of women. Their whole focus is to get their little shop of horrors up and running as soon as possible because every day they are closed they are losing money.”
Metropolitan told health authorities that it had corrected all the deficiencies, but then failed a second inspection last Tuesday.
“We should remember that this mill has been scheduling abortion appointments in anticipation of opening next Tuesday,” said Newman. “We need to let the Department of Health know that opening Metropolitan Medical Associates would be a huge mistake and would put women at further risk.”
Please contact the New Jersey Department of Health and urge them to keep Metropolitan Medical Associates closed for good.
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