UPDATE! Due to an outpouring of complaints, the seller removed the abortion machine within about 30 minutes of this report posting. Thanks to all who spoke out on behalf of life! There is no more reason to contact the seller. However, an Ebay search of the term “curettage” will show other listings for abortion machines. Thanks! -Operation Rescue

This abortion machine is inappropriately for sale on Ebay.

By Cheryl Sullenger
Tucker, GA – A seller of used medical equipment has inappropriately listed an abortion suction machine on Ebay. Starting bid? $1,000. But if you buy it, expect to pay $265 in shipping costs from its current location in Tucker, Georgia.
The seller tries to convince perspective buyers that this is a great deal.
“30 Day Warranty! Just removed from a bankrupt facility. Tested and working perfectly at our facility!” the seller posted.
The machine is described as in “used” condition. Twelve photos that appear on the Ebay listing show evidence of that use. The fitting around the gauge is corroded and one hinge is showing signs of rust. If one looks closely, the machine is covered with chips and scratches. One photo shows an inspection sticker is dated February, 2017.

This is the rusty gage from the used abortion machine that is being auctioned on Ebay.

Apparently, there aren’t many takers for this macabre piece of equipment. The first attempt to action it on Ebay brought no bids, so the seller relisted it last week with now two days left in the auction as of this writing.
The abortion machine in question is a Berkley Medevices, Inc., Model SV 10, which is described as a “high capacity” abortion machine that is the “industry” standard.
Operation Rescue is in the process of verifying what facility may have recently declared bankruptcy and might be the source of the machine.
It’s hard to tell how many innocent lives were snuffed out by this abortion machine. Hundreds? Thousands? If it sells, how many more babies will it dismember?
“It is so inappropriate to sell this murder machine on Ebay,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It’s like putting the Nazi-era concentration camp shower fixtures on Ebay. No one would stand for that, and no one should stand for this, either.”