Wichita, KS — Kansans for Life announced at a press conference today that it is launching a grand jury petition asking for an investigation into additional criminal violations likely committed by late-term abortionist George R. Tiller from July 1, 2003, though this year.
Tiller was charged in June for having illegally committed 19 late-term abortions in 2003 without a second signature from a doctor that is not financially or legally affiliated with him. Attorney General Paul Morrison has said that Tiller and abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus were “in cahoots,” to provide late-term abortions.
However, Tiller’s business relationship continued with Neuhaus into 2007, creating the possibility that this law was violated by them hundreds of times.
The petition calls for a reexamination and reinstatement of the 30 criminal charges filed by former Attorney General Phill Kline. Those charges alleged that Tiller was wrongly using the “mental health” exception in order to justify abortions on girls trivial reasons. Those charges were dismissed over jurisdictional issues, not on the merits. Two judges who reviewed Kline’s evidence both independently ruled that there was probable cause to believe that Tiller committed the crimes.
“Abortions of viable unborn babies are supposed to be illegal in Kansas except in the rarest of circumstances, yet we’ve average 300 a year since the 1998 ban against them went into effect!” said David Gittrich, State Development Director of Kansans for Life. “The abortion ban is not deficient — but those charged with enforcing it are shirking their responsibilities.”
The petition specifically states that the District Court appoint a special prosecutor for the investigation who is not associated with District Attorney Nola Foulson and Attorney General Paul Morrison.
Gittrich told reporters at a press conference today that about 20,000 petitions have been mailed to registered voters in Sedgwick County, and believes that the required signatures can be gathered in about three weeks.
“Operation Rescue plans to work with KFL on the grand jury effort because we believe strongly that the laws against post-viability abortions have not been adequately enforced,” said Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue. “Morrison’s charges are essentially a slap on the wrist and don’t hold Tiller accountable for the more serious charges of illegal abortions for trivial reasons. It is a shame that we must force officials to do their jobs through the grand jury petition process because they refuse to impartially enforce the laws.”
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