Wichita, KS — Women’s Health Care Services, the late-term abortion mill run by the notorious George R. Tiller was closed to new patients on Friday, June 16, 2006. Fridays are usually heavy first-trimester abortion days.
Pro-lifers suspect that the clinic was not in full operation because clinic workers may have been testifying at the Grand Jury, which is investigating Tiller and WHCS in the suspicious abortion death of Christin Gilbert.
Pro-lifers arrived for their normal shifts outside WHCS early Friday to offer help to abortion-bound women only to discover the gates at the parking entrance were closed. Later, the gates were opened and clinic workers straggled in and out throughout the morning.
Security guard John Rayburn was seen escorting abortion worker Edna Roach off the property in Tiller’s private van. They returned to the mill about four hours later. Roach is the worker who usually escorts botched abortion victims to the hospital.
“If the mill was closed so that Tiller’s employees could testify before the Grand Jury, that is great news for us. It means that this investigation is being taken seriously,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“In any case, this is the first Friday we can remember where babies did not die at Women’s Health Care Services. For that we give thanks to God!” Newman said.
Grand Jury proceedings are secret. Information concerning subpoenas and the general progress of the investigation is not released to the public.