Wichita, KS – Gov. Sebelius’ office has released what Operation Rescue is calling a “laughable” response to photographs published by OR this morning, saying that the Tiller party depicted in a dozen photographs was a prize in a charity auction in which Sebelius had no control over who would attend.
“According to our source, who attended the event at Cedar Crest, the party was ‘by special invitation only.’ It was obvious to this person that Tiller was on a very friendly basis with Sebelius and took the time to personally introduce each member of his abortion clinic staff to the governor,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Our source was very specific that the event’s purpose was to ‘honor’ Tiller and his staff. The pictures, especially the ones that include the political t-shirts produced by Tiller, back up our source’s claims.”
“It is laughable for Sebelius to now say she has no control over who she parties with. The Women’s Political Caucus is a radical leftist feminist organization that is providing the smoke and mirrors to cover for the Tiller party,” said Newman. “We don’t buy it.”
Receipts obtained by Operation Rescue from the Governor’s office show that that taxpayers paid for the April 9, 2007, event.
This event an indication of a broader relationship that the Governor shares with the abortion industry.
Just over a month after the Tiller soiree, Gov. Sebelius celebrated her birthday on May 15, 2007, at a party thrown by Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri while they were still under investigation by the Attorney General’s office and the Johnson County District Attorney. The party featured Planned Parenthood CEP Peter Brownlie leading a conga line in celebration. Planned Parenthood was later cleared by Sebelius’ hand-picked Attorney General Paul Morrison but charged by District Attorney Phill Kline with 107 criminal charges related to illegal abortions and manufacturing records.