Planned Parenthood whines about the loss of his support.
Sacramento, CA — California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced yesterday his endorsement of Prop. 73, the ballot initiative that would require that parents be notified 48 hours in advance of their minor daughters’ abortions.
A spokesperson for Gov. Schwarzenegger released the following statement: “Just as the law involves parents in all other medical decisions with a child, he doesn’t believe abortion should be any different.”
The announcement came the day after Operation Rescue urged Schwarzenegger, a pro-abortion Republican, to support the initiative. However, Schwarzenegger has indicated that, in spite of his endorsement, he will not actively campaign for it.
His decision to endorse Prop. 73 prompted immediate complaints from leading abortion supplier Planned Parenthood, who implied that Schwarzenegger did not carefully think about his decision and made baseless claims that teens will be put at risk.
“Other states have similar, if not tougher measures, and there is no evidence that teens are placed at risk when their parents are notified of their abortion intentions,” said Cheryl Sullenger, a spokesperson for Operation Rescue. “This is just tired rhetoric from a desperate abortion lobby that sees profits flying out the window if this initiative succeeds. They know that parents will love and support their daughters facing crisis pregnancies, and that means fewer will seek the abortionists’ grisly services.”
On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger had told a reporter from the Sacramento Bee that he would “kill” anyone who took his daughter for an abortion without telling him. He later clarified his remarks indicating that he would not literally “kill” someone who took his daughter for an abortion, but would be very upset as a parent.
“We are thankful that Gov. Schwarzenegger has made the right decision to support parental rights,” said OR President Troy Newman. “We continue to pray for him that he will be convicted of his pro-abortion stand, repent, and support legislation and policies as California’s governor that will protect children in the womb.”
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