Oakland, CA – Unable to pay rent and facing bankruptcy, the feminist-run Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland is being forced to close after the financially-strapped State of California froze Medi-Cal payments, which comprised of 90% of the clinic’s income. It claims to be the oldest abortion clinic in the nation still in operation.
“The state had been bailing out this abortion mill for years. Finally, when the economic crisis hit, there just was no more bail-out money and they were forced into financial ruin, something that should have happened naturally long ago,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
The abortion business must be out of its office within two weeks. It boasted of having seen 64,000 patients over the past three decades. The clinic specifically targeted teens and Hispanic women for abortions, but also catered to lesbian and transgender clientele.
For years the California budget has provided open-ended funding for abortions to anyone who can qualify for Medi-Cal, which is relatively easy to do, especially for teens seeking to hide their abortions from their families and those in this country illegally.
So lucrative are Medi-Cal funded abortions that, over the years, several abortionists have been disciplined by the California Medical Board for fraud related to the submission of phony Medi-Cal claims.
“This Good Friday, we thank God for the good news that another abortion mill is out of business,” said Newman. “It looks like the financial crisis has forced California to do the right thing in halting payments for abortions, even if it is for the wrong reasons. We pray that California will learn its lesson and terminate all future funding for abortions in that state.”