Three breaking developments in the investigation surrounding Kansas abortion death
WICHITA, KS — Excerpts from an interview, obtained by Operation Rescue, with Kansas State Attorney General Phil Kline show late-term abortionist George Tiller and Kansas State Governor Kathleen Sebelius all “under the microscope” as the investigation continues in an abortion related death of a 19-year-old Texas girl. On January 13, 2005, a young woman was transported by ambulance from the abortion clinic owned by Tiller to Wesley Medical Center where Operation Rescue found out she later died.
Today there were three breaking developments in the investigation:
* The state of Texas and the Texas Attorney General have issued a material witness subpoena for Tiller in an investigation involving incidents that occurred in Texas prior to the young woman being brought to Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, where she suffered a fatal medical emergency.
* Attorney General Phill Kline has confirmed that his office is pursuing an investigation into the death of this 19-year-old Texas girl.
* Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has asked the Kansas Board of Healing Arts (BOHA) to investigate the death of this 19-year-old. Sebelius has been under fire since the tragedy for her veto of the clinic regulation act in 2003 that might have saved the victim’s life.
In an interview today Attorney General Phill Kline stated, “I will state that women would be more safe when receiving services at these clinics if the Governor had not vetoed the clinic licensing bill – and it’s my hope that the Governor will have a change of heart and support the licensing effort in the future.”
“Due to recent pressure placed on Governor Sebelius’s office by Operation Rescue, we are glad to see that she has taken an interest in the safety of women by investigating the questionable practices of George Tiller and hope that her actions prove sincere in light of last years veto.” —Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President
“We applaud Attorney General Kline’s office for investigating a problem that has gone on too long. We look forward to justice being served and hope this is the last woman who will have to die at the hand of George Tiller.” -Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Outreach Coordinator
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