Wichita, KS — Now for the first time, the entire 44-minute interview with Dr. Paul R. McHugh discussing his findings relating to the Tiller abortion records is now available at OperationRescue.org. The video has been posted to YouTube.com in five parts, all of which can be seen at OR’s web site.
Also available is a full transcript of the entire 44-minute interview. This is information that Attorney General Paul Morrison does not want the public to hear. In fact, Morrison sent representatives from his office to serve a “cease and desist” order on Dr. McHugh last Tuesday, as he prepared for participation in a panel discussion of his expert findings in the Tiller case.
Dr. McHugh was hired as an expert witness by former Attorney General Phill Kline to determine from redacted medical records whether late-term abortions committed under mental health exceptions were justified from a psychiatric point of view. McHugh stated emphatically that, in his opinion as one of the most respected and accomplished psychiatrists in the nation, that they were not.
That case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. Dr. McHugh insists that he has not been contacted by current Attorney General Paul Morrison. Since Dr. McHugh was not involved in the current investigation, he was released from any order not to discuss the Tiller case.
“Dr. McHugh’s full interview shows us for the first time that abortions done at Tiller’s clinic for mental health reasons had no basis in psychiatry. In other words, Tiller is killing viable babies in violation of the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It couldn’t be any clearer. No wonder Morrison, an abortion supporter who benefited nearly $1 million in campaign mailings and phone calls paid for by Tiller, will stop at nothing to keep this bombshell testimony under wraps.”
“The lack of prosecution in this open-and-shut case is more about politics, money, and power, than it is about abortion,” said Newman. “If Tiller is successfully prosecuted, the spigot of campaign cash dries up, and with it, the pro-abortion politicians ability to pump out propaganda that confuses the people of Kansas and keeps them in office — all at the cost of innocent lives. If this injustice doesn’t outrage you, then you better check you pulse!”