Morrison’s letter to Planned Parenthood made public

Kansas City, KS — The letter that Attorney General Paul Morrison wrote to Planned Parenthood advising them that he would not be filing criminal charges against them has been made available to the public.
Click here to read Morrison’s letter to Planned Parenthood (courtesy of Kansans For Life).
Morrison’s letter states that he “conducted an objective, unbiased” review. Operation Rescue challenges the truthfulness of that statement since Morrison received hundreds of thousands of dollars in abortion support, especially through the “Snoop Dog” mailings and phone campaign that has been linked to abortionist George Tiller, who was one of the abortionist under investigation by former Attorney General Phill Kline. Tiller shares a link with Planned Parenthood because they are both represented by Pedro Irigonegaray, the attorney who received the letter from Morrison.
“Kline was accused of pushing his personal agenda through his abortion investigation. That is more true of Morrison, who has exchanged integrity for the opportunity to protect campaign backers who share his ideological support of radical and unrestricted abortion,” says Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It looks like we have gone from ‘Snoop Dog’ to ‘Lap Dog’ in the attorney general’s office.”