How one abortionist dropped out of the “rat-race” and into the Kansas killing fields

Wichita, KS — Susan Celina Robinson was disillusioned with the work-a-day world. A San Diego trained obstetrician-gynecologist who was working on staff at a clinic in New Hampshire, Susan was tired of endless staff meetings and the pressure to be ever more productive. She longed for more freedom to pursue a simpler life.
Born a baby-boomer on March 19, 1946, in New York City, Susan grew up in the 60s and had embraced the “counter-culture” ideology of the times. This ideology developed over time, and in 1985, Susan authored a book called Having a Baby Without a Man that explored a trend, popular among lesbians at that time, of having babies through artificial insemination, and parenting them in single-family or all female households.
Sometime in the early 1990s, Susan met and married David Peterson, a contractor and artisan who shared Susan’s romantic views of traveling the country and working only enough to support their freestyle, neo-hippie life.
In 1997, Susan and David quit their jobs, purchased a motor home and began a nomadic trek across the country in search of Utopia.
But it wasn’t long before they realized that life on the road wasn’t the carefree, romantic adventure they had hoped. They began to look for property where they could build their dream home and live to pursue their passions in life, which included dancing (Susan was particularly fond of Swing and Flamenco), dogs, and for David, woodworking arts.

They found that spot in the picturesque mountain foothills near Ukiah, California, and purchased 170 acres in a remote but beautiful area outside Ukiah, a small, almost rural Northern California community. There they founded “Dancing Dog Ranch.” They sold their motor home for a run-down 5th wheel, which they lived in until their new house, carved from virgin land, could be completed.
Their first building attempt ended in failure when the hay-bale structure they were building burned to the ground. Their second try at a more traditional structure proved more successful. David took his time, insuring the layout was perfect, the details were right, and the workmanship was exemplary and reflected his artistic expertise.
They obtained another dog, Roo, to befriend their older dog Woof. Roo is a trained boarder collie that once won a ribbon in a herding competition. But Susan later gave up competing because the training was too difficult and time-consuming.
Susan began per diem work at nearby hospitals and in May of 1999, she began gainful employment with Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, working two days per week.
“Nearby” was a relative term. She complained to family and friends that the driving distance to the two Planned Parenthood clinics were 100 miles to one location and 200 miles to the second, but found solace in knowing that her work was “helping people.”
But the reality was that while she was associated with Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, Susan’s primary duty was abortions. She never mentioned the true nature of her work to her friends and family. She spoke to them of the joys of teaching others her medical skills, when she was actually training physicians to butcher pre-born babies. She served in an advisory capacity on a paper produced by the University of California, San Francisco Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy titled “Early Abortion Training Workbook,” which, among other things, advises budding new abortionists on page 33 to avoid such “false reassurances” as, “You’ll be fine. This won’t hurt.”
Susan also has a record of at least one — possibly more — malpractice suits that have been filed against her.

Meanwhile, David obtained his California contractor’s license and began doing jobs for residents in the area under his new business name, Dancing Dog Construction. To supplement their income, David began making and selling simple pine caskets, ironically including infant sizes, in his meticulously ordered workshop at Dancing Dog Ranch.
Susan has been something of a low-key public activist championing leftist causes. She has spoken out against genetically enhanced foods and refused to patronize pet stores that sell puppies because of what she perceives is the cruel way they are raised. Susan once received an award in Ukiah for her volunteer work at a homeless shelter. She even voiced public opposition to last year’s narrowly defeated California initiative that would have allowed for parental notification of minors before abortions.
“These are the kinds of activities that feed the ego and her self-perception of being a liberal do-gooder,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “All these things are done for herself, we believe in a vain effort to assuage her guilty conscience for the child-killing she commits.”
Whether it was due to the constant traveling or the inadequate pay, Susan, left Planned Parenthood and began her current job with Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS, in December, 2005, where she flies in every third week to kill babies for the most notorious late-term abortionist in the Western Hemisphere, George R. Tiller.
There, Susan is a recluse. Pro-lifers who watch the mill every hour it is open (and many hours when it is not) have observed that she seems to stay overnight at the abortion mill and never comes out, even for meals. This behavior is unlike that of other “circuit riding” abortionists that Tiller employs. Nebraska partial-birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart and his abortion partner and wife Mary Lou are regularly seen coming and going from the mill during their weeks in town. California abortionists Shelly Sella is also regularly seen.
Once information about Susan was released by Operation Rescue and additional information appeared on another web site, all mention of Dancing Dog Ranch, as well as David’s contracting and casket-making businesses was pulled from the Internet.
Could it be shame? Could it be she does not want her friends and family to know that she kills babies for a living? Or could it be some sick psychosis that draws her to the killing fields and will not allow her to lead a normal life?
“Susan has exhibited a life’s pattern of quickly tiring of difficult tasks, and it seems that the easy money from abortions at a facility where she has no other responsibilities appeals to her,” said Newman. “In other words, abortion is a field where she can make a fast buck with the least responsibilities, then run back to the haven she has created for herself in California where she can pretend to be some kind of humanitarian doctor in communion with the environment. Susan doesn’t seem to care who has to die to support her idealistic, utopian, lifestyle as long as she gets to do what she wants in life. And innocent babies are paying for that unrealistic fantasy with their very lives.”
“We pray that Susan will face her shame, realize abortion is morally reprehensible, repent, and stop killing babies,” said Newman. “Until then, we pray she may find no peace, even in the solitude of her remote and beloved ranch.”
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