OR Calls on ECI to Give Back the “Blood Money”
Menlo Park, CA — Operation Rescue has learned that a radical pro-abortion foundation with an agenda for world-wide population control through abortion has given $475,000 to the Evangelical Climate Initiative, an environmental manifesto signed by 85 Evangelical Christian leaders.
The Hewlett Foundation lists the grant to the Environmental Climate Initiative as being made through a third-party group, the National Religious Partnership for the Environment an ecumenical group with leftist leanings that do not reflect the teachings of orthodox Christianity.
“While the evangelical leaders state that they are proud of the evangelical community’s longstanding commitment to the sanctity of human life, their actions have told the world something else,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Over 47 million pre-born babies have died from abortion in this nation, but we have never seen these leaders put forth any kind of campaign to save their lives,” said Newman. “These are real baby boys and girls who are dying today, and that should be a more pressing concern to the Church than a hypothetical group of people who may or may not suffer at some undetermined future date based on science on which there is no uniform consensus.”
“But even more troubling is the source of the funding for the ECI. Foundations disperse money to projects that will advance their stated agenda. The Hewlett Foundation has a stated purpose of Environmental activism through population control,” Newman noted.
“In fact, a full one-third of the Hewlett Foundation’s grant budget — almost $33 million dollars — was given to radical pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the Abortion Access Project, to name a few. Why is Hewlett giving $475,000 to the Environmental Climate Initiative if they do not believe this furthers their pro-abortion population control agenda?”
“We believe that it is immoral and unethical for Christian leaders to accept money from a foundation that is so dedicated to an agenda that is antithetical to the basic tenants of Christian teaching on the sanctity of human life,” said Newman.
“Operation Rescue calls on the 85 evangelical signatories of the Evangelical Climate Initiative to give back the money they received from the Hewlett Foundation and reject funding from any foundation that gives money to promote the taking of innocent human life through abortion.”
The Hewlett Foundation has recently changed their web site to remove mention of their grant to the Evangelical Climate Initiative. Operation Rescue archived those pages, and others linking Hewlett to radical abortion groups and have them available online.
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