UPDATE: Set to be sentenced Wednesday, May 29, are Adrienne Moton, Lynda Williams, and Pearl Gosnell. On June 26, Sherry West and Tina Baldwin are scheduled for sentencing.
Philadelphia, PA – Elizabeth Hampton, who worked for convicted murder Kermit Gosnell and testified against him, was sentenced to probation today after pleading for mercy from the court, something she did not grant to the innocent babies Gosnell killed at his squalid West Philadelphia abortion clinic.
Hampton had been charged with perjury for fabricating a story she told to the FBI and the Grand Jury to cover up the truth behind the death of Karnamaya Mongar, who was drugged to death by Hampton’s unqualified, untrained co-workers.
Hampton described herself as the “sister-in-law” to Gosnell. She and Gosnell’s wife, Pearl, were raised in the same foster family. Hampton testified that she had a history of alcoholism and mental health issues when she first went to work for Gosnell. She tried to leave, but returned out of a “sense of obligation” after being pressured by Pearl.
Her co-worker, Steven Massof, testified that one of Hampton’s duties at the Gosnell clinic was to hold down women who were “uncooperative” during abortions. Hampton admitted that she put the contents of the suction machine that held aborted baby parts down the garbage disposal, which is illegal in Pennsylvania and testified to the filthy conditions at what has become known as the “House of Horrors.”
Judge Benjamin Lerner indicated that he appreciated Hampton pleading guilty and testifying Gosnell, who was convicted of 3 counts of first degree murder of “snipping” the spinal cords of babies born alive during illegal late-term abortions. He was also convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Mongar and hundreds of other crimes related to his shoddy abortion business that targeted poor urban women of color.
Judge Lerner referred to Gosnell as a “charismatic sociopath,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Hampton told the judge she feared him.
However, Hampton and her common law husband, Jimmy Johnson, another former Gosnell employee who was not charged, continue to live rent free on a house still owned by Gosnell.
Johnson testified about his job removing dead fetuses from the procedure rooms and having to clean out drains clogged with the remains of aborted babies that were routinely flushed into the sewer system.
“I don’t have much sympathy for Ms. Hampton. She seemed more sorry for herself than for the Ms. Mongar, the Mongar family, or the newborn babies that were murdered while she stood by,” said Cheryl Sullenger, who attended much of the trial. “She’s getting an undeserved second chance in life and I hope that she can find true repentance and an amended life.”
Six other former Gosnell employees are set to be sentenced on Wednesday, according to court records, including Gosnell’s wife, Pearl, who pled guilty to abortion on unborn child of 24 weeks or more, two counts of conspiracy, and engaging in a corrupt organization. She was known to assist her husband in very late abortions done secretly on Sundays when the clinic was generally closed. She did not testify against her husband.
Below is a summary of the remaining Gosenell workers’ roles and the charges to which they pled guilty and await sentencing:
Adrienne Moton was the first employee to testify against Gosnell. She is set for sentencing along with Pearl Gosnell on Wednesday. She was an unlicensed worker with no medical background. She administered anesthesia and assisted with abortion procedures. She took the now familiar picture of Baby A with her cell phone, showing a large baby crammed into a plastic shoe box. She remains incarcerated in the County Jail.
Moton pled guilty to Murder in 3rd Degree of Baby D, who was delivered into a toilet and was seen struggling to get out of the bowl. Moton cut the child’s neck in front of the mother. She also pled to conspiracy to commit murder and engaging in a corrupt organization.
Lynda Williams is an unlicensed worker who committed illegal abortions, administered anesthesia, and generally ran amok at Gosnell’s clinic. She dropped out in 6th grade and was being treated for bi-polar disorder and depression when Gosnell hired her. She remains incarcerated in County Jail where she has undergone mental health evaluations.
Williams pled guilty to 2 counts of third degree murder in the deaths of Baby C, whose neck she snipped after the baby was seen breathing for 20 minutes, and Karnamaya Mongar, who she helped overdose to death. She also pled guilty to drug delivery resulting in death, corrupt organizations, and conspiracy. During her testimony in the Gosnell trial, she indicated that in killing Baby C, she was simply doing as she was told.
Steven Massof was an unlicensed medical school graduate who worked as an abortionist at Gosnell’s clinic for $300-400 per week. He expressed a curiosity about abortion and seemed to take ghoulish delight in relating the horrific events that took place at Gosnell’s abortion clinic. He admitted to having murdered about 100 babies and described coping with the chaos at Gosnell’s clinic as akin to being a “fireman in hell” where it would “rain fetuses and blood.” He is currently incarcerated in Federal Prison having pled guilty to 30 federal drug charges related to his work with Gosnell.
Massof pled guilty to 2 counts third degree murder for the deaths of Baby F and Baby G, conspiracy to murder, corrupt organizations, and conspiracy to violate laws related to corrupt organizations. He will be sentenced first on the state charges and separately on the Federal charges.
Sherry West was an unlicensed worker who has an admitted history of unspecified mental health disorders. She committed illegal abortions, administered anesthesia, and dispensed drugs illegally. She and Lynda Williams teamed up to dispense drugs with disregard any charts or orders. West denied having done anything wrong when she testified against Gosnell, even though she admitted to watching one newborn babies “screech like an alien” after having been born alive, prior to being murdered.
West pled guilty to third degree murder in the overdose death of Karnamaya Mongar, drug delivery resulting in death, corrupt organizations, and two counts of conspiracy.
Tina Baldwin was an unlicensed worker who illegally administered anesthesia and performed other medical duties that it was illegal for her to do. She allowed her 15 year old daughter, Ashley, to work as a staff member at Gosnell’s mill. Of this the grand jury report said, “She was required to work 50-hour weeks, starting after school until past midnight, during which she was exposed to the full horrors of Gosnell’s practice. Bad enough that he expected grown-ups to do it.”
Baldwin pled guilty to engaging in a corrupt organizations and conspiracy and corruption of a minor.