Bakersfield, CA — An abortion patient shrouded completely in sheets was rushed to a local hospital on Monday, January 6, 2014, from the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in Bakersfield, California.
Saynsumthn’s Blog reported the following:

According to pro-lifer Terri Palmquist, an ambulance showed up without sirens, went to the wrong area, and then was instructed where to drive and park, loaded patient into ambulance and head one block to hospital. She was transported to San Joaquin hospital, according to pro-life sidewalk counselors.

This incident occurred on the first abortion day of the New Year and is the first reported medical emergency at an abortion clinic in 2014.
The Bakersfield FPA abortionist, Vernon P. Wagner, 74, has been responsible for multiple life-threatening abortion-related medical emergencies over the years, most recently in February and August, 2013 and in August and October, 2012. Wagner was also involved in the death of Tami Suematsu in 1988, who died of an asthma attack that sent her into cardiac arrest as Wagner continued abortions on other patients.
The condition of the patient hospitalized on Monday is unknown, or even if she was alive at the time of her transport. The patient was hooked to an IV bag as she was wheeled into the Emergency Room by grim-faced EMTs.
“Because of the number of botched abortions occurring at this clinic, we consider Vernon Wagner to be a public health and safety hazard. We will make sure the California Medical Board is once again made aware of Wagner’s propensity to endanger the lives of women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
Family Planning Associates is the largest “for-profit” abortion chain on the West Coast, operating at 20 locations, and has been called the “McDonald’s” of the abortion industry. Its founder, Edward Allred, pioneered abortion clinic “efficiency,” using multiple abortion rooms where women were herded through in as little time as possible. Abortionists were given a financial incentive to do as many abortions as possible since their pay was based on the number of abortions done in a day. FPA abortionists routinely spend 3-5 minutes per patient conducting first trimester abortions and have been known to do 50 to 60 abortions per day. Other abortion businesses have since patterned their practices after Allred’s model.
However, the volume of abortions appears to have only increased the danger to women. At least 11 women are known to have died at FPA clinics over the years.
Allred retired in 2005, and sold FPA, then operating 20 abortion sites in two states, to a dentist, Irving “Bud” Feldkamp III. Since acquiring the abortion chain, the Feldkamp family has suffered tragedy. In 2009, two of his daughters, two sons-in-law and five of his grandchildren were killed in a private plane crash. Two years earlier, according to Fox News, 10-month-old grandson, Chase, died after he was found to have slipped between a mattress and the edge of a bed during a nap. The child was taken to a hospital and was eventually taken off life support.
“You would think that with all the tragedy Mr. Feldkamp as experienced, he would have learned how precious life is and would divest himself from the business of killing babies. We pray for his repentance and for the permanent closure of his 20 abortion clinics,” said Newman.