Atlantic City, New Jersey — Operation Rescue is celebrating today the announced closure of Alternatives, an abortion clinic in Atlantic City, New Jersey, that was closed by the Health Department in June after an inspection revealed filthy conditions that included blood-stained carpets and rusty surgical instruments.
According to a Press of Atlantic City article, City Councilman John Schultz told the newspaper that the abortion business had surrendered its license, moved out of the building, and was a month behind on rent. The owner, abortionist Alan Kline, closed rather than clean up his abortion mill that was cited on a number of health violations in a 116-page report.
“We are happy that there is one less abortion mill in our nation today,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “We believe that if every abortion mill was regularly inspected and held to minimum health and safety standards, very few would be allowed to remain open.”
“The situation at Alternatives is a snapshot of the condition at abortion mills across the country. Clinics have been recently closed for filthy and unsafe conditions in Ohio, Alabama, Florida, and Kansas. Abortion clinics in Missouri are fighting laws that would make them clean up or force them to close,” Sullenger said.
The fact that these clinics would rather close than clean illustrates in a dramatic way just how dangerous abortion mills really are,” said Sullenger. “And even if they did comply with safety standards, they have illustrated an attitude of disregard for the health and safety of their patients that doesn’t go away with clean floors and sanitized instruments. For the abortionist, money comes before any concern for humanity.”