Philadelphia, PA – The FBI raided the home of abortionist Kermit Gosnell and executed a search warrant yesterday in an ongoing investigation into an abortion death, federal drug violations, and illegal late-term abortions. Boxes of documents were seized and removed from Gosnell’s home.
According to news reports, a second search warrant was also executed by the FBI at Gosnell’s now closed abortion office in West Philadelphia.
Gosnell’s recent legal problems came when authorities began investigating the abortion-related death of Karnamay Mongar, who died on November 20, 2009, of an apparent overdose of drugs given to her during an abortion procedure. They suspected Gosnell of writing illegal prescriptions for pain-killing drugs.
Authorities raided Gosnell’s abortion mill on February 18, 2010, and found what amounted to a “house of horrors.” They discovered a collection jars containing the remains of pre-born babies dating back 30 years along with filthy and unsafe conditions and evidence that unlicensed workers had been illegally treating patients.
Gosnell’s medical licenses were suspended in Pennsylvania and later in Delaware. The Pennsylvania State Health Department has filed documents in Commonwealth Court to prevent any other abortionist from operating in Gosnell’s unsafe clinic.
Gosnell has a long history of dangerous practices dating back nearly 40 years. He was responsible for the death of Semika Shirelle Shaw in 2000, who died from a perforated uterus sustained during an abortion. Gosnell has been sued over 40 times for numerous botched abortions and other troubles. Several of Gosnell’s former patients have recently come forward to tell of their horrific experiences at his abortion clinic.
“The story of Gosnell’s appalling abortion operation makes us wonder how many other abortionists like him are out there preying on vulnerable women. From our own investigations into the abortion industry, we have yet to find an abortionist who is in full compliance with the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Because the abortion business draws practitioners from the bottom of the barrel, abortion presents a serious danger to women in this country. If the laws currently on the books were enforced, most abortion clinics in this country would be forced to close. The Gosnell story is a case in point.”
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