Exempts abortion clinics from reporting child sex abuse
WICHITA, KANSAS – Aug 04, 2004 Operation Rescue West is appalled by Federal Court Judge Thomas Marten’s ruling last week that privacy concerns trump the protection of children who are victims of sexual abuse.
marten.jpgMarten’s decision came in a case filed by abortionists and other pro-abortion groups and individuals in response to Kansas State Attorney General Phil Kline’s opinion that sexual activity in children under 15 is suspicious and should be reported for the child’s well-being.
Marten said, in essence, that the State has no compelling interest in protecting children from rape or other abuse, but it does have an interest in protecting privacy rights.
Attorney General Kline has vowed to appeal. Operation Rescue West applauds Kline’s determination to protect minor girls from exploitation and abuse.
“This ruling is outrageous in that it provides a system of secrecy that child abusers can exploit to continue their abusive behavior,” said Operation Rescue spokeswoman Cheryl Sullenger. “The rapist can victimize a young girl, then take her to an abortion mill, where the evidence of his crime is destroyed through abortion or prevented through the dispensing of birth control pills or devices. Afterward, the abuser can take the child home and repeat the despicable act without fear of discovery. The abuser is the one protected by Judge Marten’s ruling, not the victim. It is hard to imagine a greater injustice.”
“When a rapist’s right to rape trumps a child’s right to protection from sexual abuse, we have a situation where no one’s daughter is safe,” continued Sullenger. “And the only ones who profit are the abortionists.”