Aurora, IL — U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle Sr. has delayed the scheduled opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill that was built using permits that the abortion business lied to get.
Operation Rescue joined with the Pro-life Action League and other groups in calling on the Mayor and City Council to deny a permanent occupancy permit to Planned Parenthood for their 22,000 building that would be one of the largest abortion mills in the country. Planned Parenthood filed a suit against the city of Aurora in Federal Court asking for a judge to enjoin the city from blocking their scheduled September 18 opening.
Instead, Judge Norgle ordered that the clinic not open pending further hearings on the matter scheduled for Thursday. Planned Parenthood and said that it had scheduled abortion appointments for Tuesday.
“We thank God for this reprieve. Those abortions will not take place tomorrow, and for that, we are grateful,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It really shows you the arrogance of Planned Parenthood, which would presume to schedule abortions even though permits were not yet finalized. We continue to pray that this abortion mill will never open.”
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