At least 5 women have died, yet FDA refuses to remove murder pill from pharmacy shelves.

Washington, DC — The FDA issued a pathetic warning to women seeking abortions via the controversial abortion pill known as Mifeprex. The FDA issued a “public health advisory” warning doctors of the possible link between infections in women who have used the Mifeprex abortifacient. Five women have died as a result of a sepsis infection after using Mifeprex. Dozens more have been hospitalized.
The drug, sold by Danco Laboratories, was approved under intense political pressure from the Clinton White House in 2000. The pill, more popularly known as RU486, terminates the pre-born baby’s life up to 49 days after the beginning of the last menstrual cycle. It blocks a hormone required to sustain intrauterine life.
Monday, Danco announced that it would change the label on the abortion pill to include warnings requested by the FDA eight months ago. Although Danco admitted the five abortion deaths, it refused to take responsibility for them.
“It is becoming increasing clear that the FDA is politically and financially driven. Gone are the days when the FDA cared about the lives of people using medication. The only concern they seem to have today is bought and paid for by the Pharmaceutical Industry that pumps billions of dollars into advertising and politics,” said Troy Newman, President Operation
Operation Rescue insists that the “only reasonable solution to this dilemma is to remove RU486 from the market in order to spare other women from death and illness” related to the abortion pill.