Voorhees, NJ – It has been learned that the notorious abortionist Steven Chase Brigham faces a lawsuit from an aggrieved family, whose youngest daughter committed suicide after having an abortion by Brigham.
George Zallie Sr. claims that neither Brigham nor his staff warned his daughter, Stacy, of facts about abortion that could have helped her make a better decision, including information that her fetus was “a complete, separate living human being” and “a second family member.”
Zallie says that his daughter tried to commit suicide four times after her abortion by Brigham in July, 2001, before finally killing herself in October, 2002.
“We lost our youngest child and our first grandchild,” Zallie told reporters.
Zallie is being represented in his suit by New Jersey pro-life attorney Harold Cassidy.
This suit only adds to Brigham’s legal woes. His New Jersey medical license was suspended in September, 2010, after it was discovered that he was illegally starting late-term abortions in New Jersey, then transporting the women to a secret Eklton, Maryland clinic for the completion of the abortions. Brigham is not licensed in Maryland.
A late-term patient suffered serious complications from a perforated uterus and injured bowel last in August, which helped uncover the illegal abortion operation. Two other associates of Brigham’s, Nicola Riley and George Shepard, Jr. have also had their Maryland medical licenses suspended.
Operation Rescue has filed a complaint with the Elkton State Attorney asking for criminal charges, and is also calling for criminal charges in New Jersey where open investigations continue.