By Cheryl Sullenger
Bethesda, MD — Yesterday, Operation Rescue posted an article about the latest medical waste hauler that has picked up the remains of late-term aborted babies at LeRoy Carhart’s full-term abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland. We appreciate it that the article was picked up by and posted to their subscribers and on their social media platforms.
Now, is reporting that it has heard from several followers on Facebook that the social media platform is preventing them from sharing the article with their friends.
“We removed this post because it looks like and doesn’t follow our Community Standards,” read a Facebook notice that posted yesterday afternoon in an article regarding the censorship.

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Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, attempted to boost the post that contained a link to the story, but his boost was rejected by Facebook.
Operation Rescue staff has also experienced “shadow banning” and restrictions on posting articles with links and hashtags on Twitter.
“This censorship is hurting all of us and preventing important stories from reaching not only our core audience of supporters but also a wider public audience,” said Newman. “It is also hindering our online campaigns that are aimed at closing abortion facilities and saving innocent lives.”
The article also asked supporters to contact the owner of the new waste company who is picking up aborted baby remains from Carhart’s late-term abortion business, (ACO).
Despite the censorship, the company, Bio-Haz Solutions, received many calls and e-mails asking them to stop doing business with Carhart. Because of this Operation Rescue and Created Equal have entered negotiations with the medical waste disposal company.
In June, two other waste disposal companies quit doing business with this late-term abortion facility after similar public response campaigns were launched by Operation Rescue.
For years, the Main Stream Media has refused to cover stories that have significance to the pro-life movement. Alternate news sources such as meet a critical need for information that pro-life supporters cannot get elsewhere.
“We want people to know that the distribution of reports that expose abortion are being hampered on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, and that we need your support to help us overcome the censorship,” said Newman. “When you see pro-life articles posted, please make every effort to share or re-tweet them. That helps us spread the word and it helps news organizations like to be able to stay in business.”
By the way, if you haven’t done so already, please contact Bio-Haz Solutions and politely ask them to stop doing business with LeRoy Carhart. For our original report and contact information, click here.
View’s article on Facebook censorship of this story.