March 25-27:
• 72 hours of Prayer and Fasting with Rich Mahoney
Women’s Health Care Services
5107 E. Kellogg Ave.
Wichita, Kansas

Monday, March 29:
• Trial Begins in Carhart v. Ashcroft (Partial-birth Abortion Ban Challenge)
Federal Court, Lincoln, Nebraska
Judge Richard G. Kopf

April 3-5:
• Truth Truck at NCAA College Basketball Championships
San Antonio, Texas

April 24-25:
• Pro-life testimony at Pro-abortion “Death March”
Washington, DC

May 1-5:
• American College of Ob/Gyns Convention
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 7-15:
• Wichita River Festival

June 10-13 :
Pro-Life Event co-sponsored by Small Victories and ORW
St. Louis, Missouri

July 26-29:
• Democratic National Convention
Boston, Massachusetts

September 24-25:
• Truth Truck at Bel Aire Days
Bel Aire, Kansas