By Cheryl Sullenger

The mainstream media is working overtime to convince the American people that President Trump has been soundly defeated after the Electoral College voted yesterday, but the truth is that this election is still not over by a long shot!

You may wonder why Operation Rescue hasn’t given up and accepted a Biden presidency, or why it even matters to the cause of saving babies from abortion.

It matters because our ability to speak out and advocate for life will be greatly impeded under a pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration. We cannot so easily capitulate to the left and give up on President Trump, our most pro-life President, while there are still options available – and there are still plenty of options left!

While we have made headway under President Trump in establishing a foundation of respect for life that can be built upon to eventually end abortion, a Biden presidency will not only undo all that progress, but will set us back farther than ever.

In fact, in a pro-abortion Biden Administration, our hopes will be dashed of ending abortion in this generation.  It will become increasingly difficult for us to advocate for the unborn under an administration filled with abortion supporters, because the deck will be stacked against pro-life Christians, who have already suffered persecution in Democrat-controlled states.

Here is why we shouldn’t give up hope that this dim future for our movement and for the unborn babies will never materialize.

Just yesterday, while the mainstream media was telling you to give up, several important things happened.

Electoral College

Republican Electors in at least seven states voted to send their own electors to the Senate in support of President Trump.  Those states include Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.  Those electoral votes will be submitted to the President of the U.S. Senate, Mike Pence, for counting on January 6, 2021, before both the House and the Senate.

This provides an opportunity for motions and debates on which electors should be accepted in contested states, especially in light of undeniable evidence of widespread voter fraud.

(Read report explaining how this might work.)

Forensic analysis of voting machines released

An Atrim County, Michigan, judge allowed the release of a forensic analysis of Dominion Voter machines in that county that showed proof that an outcome-changing number of votes were changed from Trump to Biden. (Read the report here.)

Below is a video demonstration that shows how votes were easily changed on Dominion software by a single, unsupervised person.  All swapped votes benefitted Biden and hurt Trump. This is evidence that the main stream media hopes you will never see or consider.

Numbers don’t lie

A report on a statistical model analysis of the election was released that showed President Trump won majorities in five disputed states. This is a technical report, but full of facts and figures that reveal the truth that the election results in favor of Biden are inaccurate.

(Read that report here.)

Legal cases filed

Retooled versions of the Texas case that the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear are being filed by President Trump’s legal team in disputed states.  Attorney Sidney Powell notified the U.S. Supreme Court of new evidence in her Michigan election suit.  Meanwhile, other legal actions to protect election integrity and restore an accurate count are still ongoing in several states, with some pending in the U.S. Supreme Court.  In nearly all cases, previous suits that have been dismissed never considered the challenges on their merits and evidence was never examined.

China Virus vaccines administered

The first China Virus vaccines were administered in an effort to end the pandemic hysteria and make people more comfortable about getting back to normal – something necessary if we are to keep our freedoms.

There is controversy regarding the vaccines, but as long as they are voluntary, those who are opposed to them can still opt out.  That won’t be the case under a Biden administration, where it is likely they will be required to travel or work.

New administration appointments

President Trump continues to replace important members of his administration.  Yesterday, Attorney General William Barr offered his resignation after a cordial meeting with President Trump.  He has replaced dozens within Department of Defense and other agencies.  These are the acts of a man who believes he is getting a second term, not one leaving office.

Other options: Executive Order

President Trump also has an option outlined in an Executive Order signed on September 12, 2018, that provides for sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a Presidential Election.  The order declared a national emergency related to U.S. election security that is still ongoing. 

Serious allegations have been in the news recently that the Dominion Voting Systems and other voting machine and software companies used in the 2020 Presidential Election are foreign companies with ties to China, Iran, and other nations.

The Executive Order instructs the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), an office now occupied by John Ratcliff, to join with other agencies to investigate the possibility of foreign election interference and produce a report for the President no later than 45 days after a Presidential Election.  That deadline expires this Friday, December 18, 2020.  Watch for news of this breaking sometime later this week.

Read the Executive Order here.

Should the DNI report offer evidence that foreign influence rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden, then all bets are off on a Biden inauguration.

“I refuse to give legitimacy to any discussion of a Biden administration, because I believe there is a very real possibility that there will never be one.  If the reports of election fraud are true, then any Biden administration would be an illegitimate one,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “We need to continue to support President Trump as he works through the challenges ahead, and help others understand that this election is not over.” 

It is clear that a pro-abortion Biden Administration will impede our ability to save lives and end abortion. It will also shift our country aggressively toward socialism and fundamentally alter our Constitutional Republic to limit our freedoms of speech, religion, and more — something we cannot tolerate, especially if Biden’s election is illegitimate. If we want to continue to freely advocate for the lives of the unborn, we need to stand up and vocally support our President now.