Topeka, KS – The Kansas State Board of Discipline for Attorneys has indicated that it will soon file an ethics complaint against Phill Kline for his handling of abortion investigations during his tenures as state Attorney General and Johnson County District Attorney. This news comes on the heels of an announcement that an ethics complaint has already been filed against Kline deputy Stephen Maxwell for his part in the investigations into allegations that Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionist George Tiller were violating Kansas laws.
“This is nothing more than a last-ditch effort for Kline’s bitter political enemies to extract the last pound of flesh from him before the next election puts them out of power,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It also conveniently distracts from the fact that there are still 107 criminal charges pending against Planned Parenthood that were filed by Kline and are being delayed by the Kansas Supreme Court.”
The Supreme Court issued a gag order on Judge Richard Anderson, who oversaw the Kline abortion investigations, preventing him from testifying in the Planned Parenthood case. Anderson had previously testified that he believed that Planned Parenthood had “manufactured evidence.” That gag order essentially froze all progress in that case which is now under the control of District Attorney Steve Howe, a rival of Kline’s who has little motivation to continue the prosecution.
“It is our belief that political corruption in the highest levels of state government continues to protect abortionists, and is now trying to forever discredit and silence those who attempted to do their duty to enforce the laws because those efforts exposed their corruption,” said Newman.
In perhaps the most vicious case of political persecution in Kansas history, Kline was secretly sued numerous times by abortionists and his political enemies in cases that still remain under seal before the state Supreme Court. The full extent of the political persecution against Kline is essentially unknown to this day since Kline is prevented from talking about it. Kline has left Kansas and is currently living in Virginia.
“It is very clear that there will be a shift in power in Kansas during the next election, and the corrupt forces in Kansas will soon be put out of their jobs. These ethics complaints are a kind of ‘scorched earth’ tactic on their part in an attempt to do as much damage as they can to the people they hate before they become powerless,” said Newman.
“The real losers in this are the women who continue to seek abortions at a dangerous clinic where two judges have already determined that there is probable cause that it is breaking the law,” said Newman. “The Kline and Maxwell cases only obfuscate the fact that women’s lives and health continue to be placed at risk by political hacks that never met an abortion they didn’t like.”
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