By Anne Reed

Granite City, IL – Hope Clinic for Women (HCFW), a high-volume, late-term abortion business in Illinois, had at least two women leave the facility by ambulance in April. Sidewalk counselors and Operation Rescue have documented a total of 11 medical emergencies in just over two years.

Erin King, the abortionist and owner, has a habit of sending patients to Barnes Jewish Hospital across the river in St. Louis, Missouri. Her husband, David Eisenberg, also an abortionist, has gynecology privileges there. We can only guess why she is no longer affiliated with the hospital.

Though the public records of HCFW’s 911 calls have become extraordinarily difficult to access, OR procured the 911 call recording from the April 6, 2022, emergency. The HCFW employee who made the call sounded strangely cheerful as she called for a transfer by ambulance to Barnes Jewish Hospital, once again of a patient with excessive bleeding.

Pro-life sidewalk counselor, Rose Wascher, was onsite and observed the circumstances surrounding that day’s events. In addition to her birds-eye view, Wascher’s steady presence on the sidewalk gave her insights concerning the emergency situation.

“I feel it [is] the Hispanic man’s spouse who is in the ambulance because his car was the car in the lot,” she explained. “I had [a] Hispanic seminarian from Kendrick Glennon to counsel him, and [he] said that his wife is 18-weeks pregnant. …[T]he seminarian warned him that she would be in danger because of how far along she is. No one has told him about his wife. … This is just horrible!”

Though HCFW commenced its marketing campaign by portraying a vision of hopeful expectation by using the word “hope” in its name, a distraught mother struggling to find answers for an unplanned pregnancy cannot possibly discover hope or peace by submitting to a plan to kill the child being nurtured in her womb. Added to the horrible nature of such an encounter is the high risk of life-threatening complications.

HCFW lists two categories of surgical abortions on its website, including one toping at the advanced stage of 24 week’s gestation. Yet babies have survived outside the womb weeks earlier. For instance, less than a year ago, a baby boy by the name of Curtis was delivered at 21 weeks gestation at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, and is thriving today.

Countless mothers entering HCFW, whose babies were also thriving just hours or days before, leave empty and emotionally wounded. And far too many are also critically injured physically.

“The Hope Clinic for Women continues to habitually endanger the lives of pregnant women in the process of profiting from destroying the lives of their innocent babies,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “Illinois is a state that recently liberalized their abortion laws. Should Roe v. Wade be overturned, that facility is poised to profit greatly from the increase in abortion clients, so we can only expect the number of women maimed during their obviously negligent abortions to increase.”