How you can get involved to make sure our elections are secure and accurate

By Cheryl Sullenger

No matter what you believe happened on Election Day and the days that followed the 2020 Presidential Election last November, there can be no doubt that current election laws in many states leave vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the unscrupulous.

In fact, in the days following the election, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that about half of Republicans believed that President Donald Trump had rightfully won re-election.  A stunning 68% of Republicans expressed concern over “a ‘rigged’ vote counting process in favor of” Joe Biden.

There were enough irregularities in the 2020 vote-counting process to prompt the Arizona State Senate to order a cyber-forensic audit of over two million votes. That audit has been called the “gold standard” for auditing election results.   Legal attempts by Democrats to block or stop that audit have so far been unsuccessful. 

Since the Arizona audit has been in progress, at least 20 other states have sent delegates to Arizona to observe the process so they might make informed decisions about conducting similar cyber-forensic audits in their home states.  They hope such audits will answer questions about the true extent of irregularities and help legislators determine how they can make elections more secure, accurate, and trusted.

We often hear it said that “elections have consequences.”  There is hardly an election in memorable history where the consequences to babies in the womb have been so great.  After President Trump took significant steps to protect unborn babies and deny Federal funding to abortionists and those who promote and refer for abortions worldwide, the Biden Administration has furiously worked to undo those protections.

For example, under the excuse of COVID-19, the Abortion Cartel lobbied the Food and Drug Administration in 2020 to lift Federal restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs and allow them to be distributed via the telemedicine process through the U.S. Mail.  The Trump Administration ordered the “pills by post” scheme stopped, and after legal efforts opposing the Trump policy, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump Administration.  However, the damage was already done, and now states are reporting dramatic increases in abortions around the nation in 2020 after abortion numbers had been trending downward for years or even decades in some states.

When the Biden Administration assumed power, it was not long before the “pills by post” scheme was reinstituted.  As a result, abortion pill distribution businesses have popped up all over the Internet, reversing another decades-long trend of decreased numbers of abortion businesses.

We must wonder how many thousands of lives may have been saved if Trump had been declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

This makes election integrity a pro-life issue.

Cyber-forensic audits may yet let us know if enough irregularities existed to overturn the Presidential Election results.  If so, what might be done about it remains to be seen.

Because innocent lives are on the line in our elections, it is important for pro-life supporters to work to ensure their states and counties have election laws in place that will guarantee secure and accurate elections.

“I recommend that every pro-life supporter get involved in voter integrity efforts at the state and county levels,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who does not hide that fact that he believes President Trump won the 2020 election if illegal votes and voting machine count tampering are removed from the equation.

There are several things you can do to ensure our elections are secure and accurate.

  • Contact your State Senators and House or Assembly members and ask for a cyber-forensic audit of the November 3, 2020, election results in your state.  Every state should conduct such an audit to determine the full extent of election corruption in our nation – if any – so we can restore confidence in our election processes.

Right now, there is a specific need for you to contact the Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, Robin Vos, and request a cyber-forensic audit of the 2020 General Election results.  It is important that the term “cyber-forensic audit” is mentioned specifically. 

Representative Vos can be contacted by email at

You may also want to contact his staff to reinforce the need for a cyber-forensic audit.

Rep. Vos’ Staff:
Abbey Fabick    
Steve Fawcett  
Angela Joyce    
Adam King        
Amanda Ledtke
Kelly Smith       
Jennifer Taylor 
Moriah Thiry    
Jenny Toftness 
Jake Wolf          

  • Research how elections in your area are conducted, and how the results are counted.  Find out if electronic voting machines are used and, if so, who the manufacturer is and what software is used.  Find out who tabulates the votes. This will take some effort and perhaps a few phone calls, but this information should be publicly available.
  • Attend county supervisor and city council meetings to let your local leaders understand how important election integrity is to you and your community.  These meetings usually include a public comment period where the public is invited to make brief statements about issues of concern.
  • Insist that your Secretary of State purge the state voter rolls to remove deceased or ineligible voters.
  • Sign up to be a poll worker or watcher in the next election.
  • Consider running for public office.
  • Contact your State and County officials to encourage them to make election integrity their highest priority. Be sure to mention ways to improve the election process.  Here is a list of things that can be done to ensure our elections are trustworthy:
    • Insist that only paper ballots are used in voting because anything that is electronic can be hacked.
    • Stop the use of electronic poll books (iPads) and return to printed books only.
    • Limit or end advance voting. 
    • Stop the unsolicited distribution of ballots by mail and put specific limits on who can vote by absentee ballot. 
    • Verify signatures on all absentee ballots.
    • Ban the use of unattended ballot drop boxes.
    • Outlaw ballot harvesting.

In the 2020 election, it is suspected – and may yet be proved – that the ballots of those who voted for President Trump and other Republican Conservatives were suppressed or negated, affecting the outcome of the Presidential Elections and that of several down-ballot races.  If true, then current policies that are expanding abortion at an unprecedented rate have been wrongly enacted and are needlessly costing the lives of innocent children.

“It’s up to pro-life supporters to step in and make sure that election injustice never happens again,” said Newman.  “We must work to ensure election integrity or face the possibility that pro-life candidates will never win another election again.  We cannot wait until 2022 or 2024.  We must act now to ensure the integrity of our elections for the sake of those innocent babies who are targeted by Democrats for destruction.”