Operation Rescue urges Christians nationwide to never let pro-life activists stand alone

Flagstaff, AZ – Just a week after Jim Pouillon was shot and killed for his public stand against abortion, 69-year old Johnny Wallace was attacked by two women as he held two non-graphic, text-only signs protesting abortion in Flagstaff, Arizona, on Saturday.
Wallace was alone in front of City Hall on the busiest street in town at the time of the attack with signs that read, “Abortion kills more black Americans in four days than the Klan killed in 150 years,” and “Life begins at conception and ends at Planned Parenthood.” Wallace was known to protest at that location every day.
Wallace was approached from behind by two women, both 48, who began by yelling profanities at him. One then attempted to take way and destroy his sign. After Wallace was wrestled to the ground, the other woman joined the attack.
Paramedics were called and Wallace was treated for minor injuries. He suffered an elbow injury that has required additional treatment.
Both women were cited and released on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage.
“Mr. Wallace was simply exercising his God-given rights as an American citizen when he was brutally assaulted because his attackers disagreed with his beliefs,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This attack is especially disturbing because the motivation for the attack on Mr. Wallace was the same motivation that caused Harlan Drake to murder Jim Pouillon.”
“Recently there has been an increasing attitude that it is okay to hurt pro-life people if one does not agree with them. This disturbing trend must stop,” said Newman. “We are thankful that Mr. Wallace was not hurt worse than he was, and pray that the violence against pro-life activists will come to an end.”
Operation Rescue has received hundreds of threats and suffered three acts of vandalism on their headquarters in recent months.
“We cannot depend on pro-abortion groups to rein in their supporters. It is incumbent on the Christian community to come alongside pro-life activists all over the country and stand with them. There truly is safety in numbers. Even Jesus sent out the disciples in groups of two,” said Newman. “We urge pro-life churches to take it upon their congregations to make sure that no pro-lifer stands on the street alone. Christians will find that this is an amazing ministry and evangelical opportunity that is spiritually energizing and satisfying.”