A third of Texas abortionists are without hospital privileges and are now barred doing abortions
Austin, TX – Yesterday afternoon, just three days after a Federal Court judge blocked much of the new Texas abortion law, the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans issued a ruling overturning the lower court and reinstating most of the law that provides standards for abortion clinics.
Included in provisions that went immediately into effect was the requirement that abortionists maintain local hospital privileges. As of today, it is estimated that a third of Texas’ 41 abortion clinics must stop providing abortions.
Among abortionists without hospital privileges, according to information provided by the Texas Medical Board, is late-term abortionist Douglas Karpen, who operates two abortion clinics in Houston. Karpen made national headlines after Operation Rescue uncovered allegations and evidence provided by four former Karpen employees that he was conducting illegal late-term abortions beyond the former 24-week limit and intentionally killing late-term babies that were born alive. Karpen remains under an open criminal investigation.
“This is a huge victory for the cause of life and a great encouragement for everyone who worked so hard to ensure that these protections went into effect,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We must now carefully monitor the abortion clinics to ensure that there is compliance with the new laws and that they are being enforced.”
Among provisions of the law that were previously found to be Constitutional by the lower court was the ban on abortions after 20 weeks when babies are known to feel pain. That part of the law automatically went into effect this week.
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