Wichita, KS — An editorial cartoon penned by Richard Crowson appeared in today’s Wichita Eagle (10/27/05). The cartoon depicted Attorney General Phill Kline standing on a desk with the words “Attorney General” crossed out with the words “Operation Rescue General” scrawled below.
“We very much respect Attorney General Phill Kline as a man of integrity and courage for investigating child sex crimes and illegal (and unsafe) late-term abortions in the face of extreme and often irrational opposition. However, he certainly does not answer to Operation Rescue, nor do we take any cues from him,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“This cartoon is inherently unfair to Kline and grossly misrepresents him as he attempts to do the job he was elected to do and enforce the law,” said Newman. “In light of the apparent corruption and cronyism that currently characterizes the Governor’s office and other agencies, we find his steadfast dedication to investigating crimes, regardless of the political ties of the alleged perpetrators, quite refreshing.”