Used with permission of the artist, John Francis Borra,
Commentary by Operation Rescue:
In 2006, former Attorney General Phill Kline was attacked by Tiller’s political hacks as being “Snoop Dog” for his courageous investigations into illegal activity at Kansas abortion clinics. Operation Rescue dubbed Kline’s successor, Paul Morrison, as Tiller’s “Lap Dog” for taking actions to protect Tiller from 30 serious criminal charges filed by Kline. Morrison later reigned after it was revealed that he was engaged in an illicit sexual affair and had attempted to use that relationship to illegally influence criminal cases against Tiller and Planned Parenthood.
Now comes the new appointee, Steve Six, who is fast becoming Tiller’s “Guard Dog” due to his efforts to block evidence from a grand jury investigating Tiller. We believe that this is a transparent effort to protect Tiller by thwarting a legitimate grand jury investigation, and to confuse the public with false claims that privacy rights are at stake. Mr. Six, shame on you!