From the Author, John Francis Borra:
To anyone familiar with the Third Reich, it’s obvious what I’ve done here. This is a play on the iron gates surrounding Auschwitz concentration camp. The actual iron gates read Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Makes You Free). This was, of course, the big lie fed to inmates in order to keep them manageable as they were led from cattle cars to their deaths in the showers. Planned Parenthood’s big lie to society is strikingly similar: Abortion Makes You Free. The parallel is dramatic and perfectly appropriate. As a matter of fact, it’s not unlike any other cartoon I’ve done about the culture of death; the truth is so grotesque, so clear, so galling that little imagination– and no exaggeration at all– is required to spin good editorial material from it. In this case, even the security fence and smoke-belching crematorium are no exaggeration; George Tiller, for one, has these on his property. And, of course, the hands of all abortionists drip with blood– literally as well as figuratively.