Elkton, MD – In a decision that has shocked pro-life supporters, State Prosecutor Ellis Rollins today dismissed criminal murder charges against abortionist Steven Chase Brigham of New Jersey and his associate, Nicola I. Riley of Utah.
Rollins indicated in a press release that conflicting opinions of expert witnesses made it impossible to proceed with the prosecutions.
Brigham was charged with five counts of First-Degree Murder and Riley with one count of First-Degree Murder after a botched abortion at a clandestine Elkton abortion clinic alerted authorities to their bi-state late-term abortion ring. Police investigators discovered the bodies of 35 late-term babies stored in a freezer inside the clinic. Brigham is not licensed to practice in Maryland, and Riley was apparently on her second day of late-term abortion training when she perforated the woman’s uterus and pulled out her bowel. The patient required emergency surgery to save her life.
“We denounce the decision of the State Attorney to dismiss these charges and believe it was wrongly made,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “We call on Mr. Rollins to reinstate the charges for the sake of justice and for the safety of the community. The State simply cannot let these abortionists get away with the murder.”
Early news reports indicated that the babies were likely killed in New Jersey, prior to the women being transported to Maryland for the completion of the abortion, placing the murders outside the jurisdiction of the State of Maryland. Records obtained by Operation Rescue indicated that at least one of the babies was alive at the time of the abortion, giving Maryland jurisdiction over the murder.
Rollins indicated that the investigation into Brigham and Riley’s abortion practices in Maryland will continue. Disciplinary actions in three states to revoke Brigham and/or Riley’s medical licenses continue to proceed.