Kansas AG, Kline, is stonewalled while TX A.G .easily gets patients files.
Operation Rescue: “Stop playing politics with women’s lives.”

WICHITA, KS — As more is learned about the woman who died from complications of a late-term abortion at George Tiller?s Women?s Health Care Services on January 13, 2005, more questions are being raised about the refusal of two Kansas abortion clinics (WHCS and a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas City) to produce medical records to Attorney General Phill Kline who is investigating similar cases of sexual abuse and possibly illegal late-term abortions.
Last week, Operation Rescue obtained public documents that showed the Attorney General of Texas made a request through the Attorney General of Kansas for medical records from Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS, including the names of all doctors who treated her “and/or pronounced her dead.” Earlier, it the Wichita Eagle reported that George Tiller had been issued a similar subpoena by Texas in an investigation into a felony sexual assault that may have taken place on Tiller’s dead abortion patient before she left Texas.
Although the deceased woman was 19 years old, she suffered from Downs Syndrome and was considered incapable of giving legal consent, in the same way a minor cannot legally give consent to sexual activity or medical procedures. Kline is investigating sexual abuse on underage girls and the legality of certain late-term abortions in Kansas.
Both Tiller and Wesley have cooperated in producing medical records to the State of Texas in this matter yet continue to stonewall Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline in his investigation of similar sexual crimes against underage girls and possible illegal late-term abortions.
“This case continues to underscore the fact that medical records are subpoenaed and produced every day, even in cases involving such sensitive matters as sex crimes and suspicious abortions,” said OR president Troy Newman. “All Attorney Generals must investigate crimes in order to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators.”
“Operation Rescue calls upon Governor Sebelius and her friends in the abortion industry to stop playing politics with women’s lives.”
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