Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has obtained documents showing ties between the principles involved in the Tiller criminal case dismissal through campaign contributions.

Abortionist George R. Tiller: Tiller is an abortionist specializing in late-term abortions in Wichita, Kansas. He was charged by former Attorney General Phill Kline with thirty criminal counts on December 21, 2006, for illegal late-term abortions and improper reporting of those abortions after a 3-year inquisition. Tiller is a heavy contributor to pro-abortion political candidates.
District Attorney Nola Tedesco Foulston: She is the Sedgwick County DA who intervened after charges were filed against Tiller. Foulston persuaded Judge Paul W. Clark to dismiss the Tiller charges on jurisdictional groundson December 22, 2006, then successfully defended her motion at a hearing before Clark on December 27. She continues to refuse to address or investigate the 30 charges and their evidence, having deferred to Kline’s replacement, Attorney General Paul Morrison.
Judge Paul W. Clark: Judge Clark dismissed the Tiller charges at Foulston’s request during an ex-parte hearing in December 22, 2006, of which former Attorney General Phill Kline had no notice, or representation during the hearing. Clark never read the criminal complaint or inspected the evidence. Clark conducted a second hearing on December 27 where he read his pre-written decision to keep the case dismissed, even though Asst. Attorney General Steve Maxwell pointed clearly to Kansas law during oral arguments that gave an Attorney General authority to file criminal cases in district courts.
Attorney Dan Monnat: Monnat is one of George Tiller’s attorneys. He spoke at the December 27, 2006 hearing before Judge Clark, fully joining in Foulston’s defense of the case dismissal.
Attorney General Paul Morrison: Morrison is an abortion supporter who switched to the Democratic Party to run against Kline. The centerpiece of his campaign was opposition to Kline’s investigation of abortion clinics. It has been previously reported that while Morrison received no direct campaign money from Tiller, he did benefit from hundreds of thousands of dollars in “hit piece” mailings against Kline by third-party organizations that have been traced directly to Tiller.


Campaign finance records show a donation from Tiller’s wife, Jeanne, to Foulston during her first run for District Attorney in 1988. Foulston has run unopposed since 1992. Tiller family campaign contributions are frequently made in Jeanne’s name. (This document was missing from Foulston’s file at the Sedgwick County Election Office, and had to be obtained another way.)
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Campaign finance records indicate that both Foulston and Tiller attorney Dan Monnat donated to the campaign of Judge Paul W. Clark during his last election.
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Campaign finance records indicate that Foulston has a history of giving to Clark campaigns. (The donation listed here was made under Foulston’s maiden name, Nola Tedesco.)
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“It is obvious from the documentation that the people involved with dismissing or not pursuing the Tiller criminal case all have political ties of some kind,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is a clear appearance of impropriety here that should be investigated. Paybacks for campaign favors should never be allowed to influence the prosecution of a criminal case. If that proves to be the situation here, it is something that needs to be exposed and dealt with so justice can move forward.”