By Cheryl Sullenger

Aurora, IL – As one of Planned Parenthood’s abortion patients was lying unresponsive, an employee of the abortion facility located in Aurora, Illinois, phoned 911 for help.

The conversation between the obtuse clinic worker and the 911 dispatcher revealed a familiarity that only comes from repeated interaction.

“It is obvious that the Aurora 911 dispatchers are very familiar with the Planned Parenthood in their community,” said Troy Newman.  “That shows that women are being injured far too often and that abortions at Planned Parenthood are unsafe.”

In fact, with the help of the Pro-life Action League, which has supplied Operation Rescue with 911 records for this facility, there has been at least eleven documented medical emergencies known to have occurred at this facility since it opened in 2012.

The Planned Parenthood worker seemed to be completely incapable of answering questions made by the 911 dispatcher.  Even a simple request for her to give a proper address seemed to be beyond her capacity.

911:  911, can I help you?

PP: Can I have an ambulance please?

911: Sure, what address?

PP: We’re at three-zero Planned Parenthood in Aurora.

911: I’m sorry, you broke up. [Audio did not actually break up.]

PP: Yes, Planned Parenthood in Aur—

911: I need you to provide the address, please.

PP: Sure, give me one second.  [Pause.] 3051.

No street name was given. At this point, there are doubts that the Planned Parenthood caller even knows what a street address is.  The dispatcher gives up and moves on.

911: And who needs the ambulance.

PP: Yes.

911: Who needs the ambulance is what I’m asking you.

PP:  A patient.  Yes. We have a patient here –

911:  And what’s wrong with her?

PP: She’s not responding.

The dispatcher seems to understand very well the types of injuries to expect from this Planned Parenthood facility, and that is reflected in the questioning.

911: Did she have a procedure? [Aka, abortion.]

PP: Yes, she did.

911: Is she breathing, at least?

PP: She is.

911:  Is she hemorrhaging at all?

PP: Um, no.

911: Any medical conditions we should know about?

PP: No, not on this one.

Having a patient who is not responsive is a very serious thing, and there are a number of things that could cause that, none of which were volunteered by the Planned Parenthood worker.

But that wasn’t all.  The Planned Parenthood caller seemed completely unaware of her orientation to basic ordinal directions, something most people are taught how to determine as children.

911: What door do you want the ambulance to use?

PP: They can come to the side door.

911: Which side.  You’ve got four sides to your building.

At this point the caller consults with others at Planned Parenthood and a debate begins about whether the side door is on the north side of the building.  Finally, the caller returns to the dispatcher.

“It’s the west entrance.  Use the west entrance,” she finally said.

“Planned Parenthood should never let this woman touch a telephone again.  It would be laughable that someone could be this incapable, if the situation wasn’t so deadly serious,” said Newman.

The unresponsive woman was transported to a local hospital for emergency care that the Planned Parenthood facility could not provide.

“This was a very dangerous situation for the woman involved, and we hope she got the care she needed, despite the clueless Planned Parenthood caller. But honestly, women should think long and hard before submitting to an abortion at Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility,” said Newman.  “Abortion is fatal to the precious unborn baby, who deserves a chance a life.  But it is also often extremely dangerous for women, and we have literally hundreds of documented cases of horrific abortion injuries and death to prove it.”

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