By Cheryl Sullenger
Bedford Heights, OH — Sketchy details are beginning to surface concerning two recent medical emergencies at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Bedford Heights, Ohio.
There have been a total of five such emergencies documented by Operation Rescue at this Planned Parenthood facility since July 2012.
Local activists reported the recent incidents to Operation Rescue then provided Computer Aided Dispatch printouts related to the medical emergencies. No audio files of the calls have yet been released by Bedford Heights authorities.
“It is a little unusual to get only the printouts and not the audio recordings of the call, especially in Ohio. This is yet another example of how obtaining public records is becoming more difficult when those records are related to abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We appreciate the efforts of our friends in Ohio who took steps to documents these incidents and expose the dangers of abortion.”
While the printouts contain very little information, they do confirm that ambulances were called to the Bedford Heights Planned Parenthood abortion center on March 27 and May 11, 2015.
In both cases “advanced life support” was administered on the scene, indicating that the emergencies were more serious in nature than “basic life support” incidents.
During the May 11 incident, one victim was transported to University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center’s emergency room. There is no notation of hospital transport for the May 27 incident, but that does not necessarily mean one did not occur since such notations are sometimes omitted from 911 printouts.
“Planned Parenthood is especially secretive and goes to great measures to cover-up abortion-related medical emergencies. We do not yet know if these two emergencies were abortion-related, but in our experience over 98 percent of the time when we see an ambulance at an abortion clinic, it is indeed related to an abortion complication,” said Newman. “We will continue to seek more facts about these incidents and post updates as we get them.”
Unfortunately, no photos were taken at the scene.
“We encourage pro-life activists who minister outside abortion clinics to be prepared by always having at least a cell phone camera at the ready and take pictures when ambulances arrive,” said Newman. “That way, if 911 records cannot be obtained, there is still documentation of the incident.”
Operation Rescue is asking pro-life activists to send them photos and other information related to medical emergencies and any other questionable activity they witness at abortion clinics.
“We are building a nationwide database of these incidents to provide evidence that abortion is not as safe as the abortion cartel would have us think. This evidence is being used to support pro-life legislation and save lives,” said Newman. “Abortion complications and deaths are grossly under-reported by abortion clinics. We are gathering as much evidence as we can related to abortion complications and other abuses. That information is then published online where it is available to the public.”
In addition to a vast searchable story archive at its primary website,, Operation Rescue maintains, the largest online archive of documentation related to every abortion facility in the U.S.
“ is a valuable resource for the pro-life movement. It acts as an online file cabinet for documents and other evidence related not only to abortion injuries, but other abuses as well. It is a free resource that can be easily accessed by anyone with an Internet connection,” said Newman. “We encourage pro-lifers to send us their documentation so it can be added to the archive and be available to everyone.”

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