Richards Spins
Washington, D.C. – In a move borne out of desperation, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has announced that effective immediately, Planned Parenthood affiliates will no longer accept money in exchange for aborted baby body parts.
“Planned Parenthood has been caught with their bloody hands in the cash register. They are now trying to back-track their criminal conduct while making attacking the investigators. This will not work,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who also serves on the board of the Center for Medical Progress, which released videos that revealed Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains.
“The CMP videos exposed the fact that every cent PP received in so-called ‘reimbursement’ was in fact profit,” Newman continued. “It is now abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood has been violating federal law that prohibits the profiting from fetal cadavers. Now more than ever, we must press for full scale prosecutions, and jail for all the abortionists involved.”
The CMP began releasing summary videos of undercover footage shot by CMP actors posing as representatives of an organ procurement company. Those videos shocked the nation and prompted investigations of Planned Parenthood practices on the national, state, and local levels.
Measures taken by Planned Parenthood have so far proven ineffective in managing the public relations and legal crises that have resulted. Adding to their problems was a recently released analysis from Coalfire Systems that stated the videos shot by the CMP are completely authentic and not deceptively edited as Planned Parenthood has tried to claim.
“It is interesting to watch Planned Parenthood officials squirm. No amount of denial or pretending it won’t happen again should be allowed to let them off the hook. I renew my call for criminal prosecutions of all Planned Parenthood employees involved in criminal conduct,” said Newman. “Planned Parenthood should not be held above the law.”