By Anne Reed

Abortionist Tried to Sew Her Up and Stop the Blood Loss with a Balloon Catheter and Potentially Harmful Drug

On Tuesday, May 23, an employee of Flossmoor Health Center – Planned Parenthood in Flossmoor, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, called 911 to request emergency transport for a woman in her mid-30s who had just undergone a procedure – likely a second-trimester surgical abortion.  

The 911 recording, provided courtesy of Pro-Life Action League of Chicago, reveals the severity of the life-threatening emergency.

The caller did not seem to know the patient’s exact birthdate, only that she was born in 1987. Other details provided, however, indicate the young woman was suffering from a severe hemorrhage. The employee informed the dispatcher that the woman was sedated, and the abortionist had inserted a catheter and “added sutures.”  

These clues suggest the abortionist had lacerated or perforated the woman’s uterus, and possibly  other internal organs. 

This late-term abortion facility performs abortion up to 22 weeks gestation according to Operation Rescue’s latest annual survey and has a history of causing life-threatening hemorrhages due to perforated internal organs.

According to the 911 call recording, the abortionist either used or intended to use the drug Methergine which is typically used to prevent or treat excessive bleeding after childbirth. However, between 2015 and 2016, a trial evaluating the drug’s efficacy in preventing excessive bleeding after dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions identified more issues created by its use – not less. Among the 284 participants, those given methylergonovine, the generic form of Methergine, were more often hospitalized for excessive bleeding.

The “catheter” inserted by the abortionist was more than likely a Foley catheter, a tube with a balloon that is inserted into the uterus to slow dangerously rapid blood flow. This is not the first time an abortionist at Flossmoor has utilized this method during a botched abortion. 

The Call Detail Report indicated the call was made at 1:37 p.m., with EMS arriving on the scene 12 minutes later. It is almost certain that the woman was admitted to a nearby hospital so that legitimate physicians and surgeons could attempt to save her life. 

“We hope and pray this woman survived this horrific ordeal,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is all so senseless. A baby didn’t have to die that day, and this woman did not have to be maimed or possibly killed.” 

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