Operation Rescue calls for pro-life supporters to offer special prayers for justice
Los, Angeles, CA – Abortion clinic owner Bertha Bugarin is scheduled to go to trial on March 26, 2008, for five felony counts of practicing medicine and two misdemeanor counts of prescribing medication, all without proper licensure.
Bugarin and her sister, Raquel, were arrested on August 1, 2007, after a special task force of the Los Angeles Police Department raided five of her abortion mills. Another unlicensed abortionist, convicted sex offender Laurence Reich, who worked for Bugarin, was arrested in February as a result of the same investigation.
“These people have offended repeatedly and have demonstrated numerous times that they have no respect for the law. The only way to stop these predators from continuing their criminal behavior is to put them behind bars for a long time,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Please join with Operation Rescue in special prayer on March 26 that Bugarin will be fully brought to justice.
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