Former AG Knew Planned Parenthood Records Were Falsified Before “Clearing” Them

Olathe, Kansas – A brief and supporting documents filed in Johnson County District Court yesterday show proof that former Attorney General Paul Morrison had knowledge that Planned Parenthood had falsified abortion records prior to issuing a letter to the abortion group exonerating them of any wrong-doing last year. The brief also shows that concerns for patient privacy, which Morrison repeatedly floated in the media, were entirely without basis in fact.
The documents indicate that the Attorney General’s office was involved in a scheme to suppress Planned Parenthood criminality and block any criminal prosecution.
The brief said that Judge Richard Anderson, who oversaw the redaction of abortion records in a previous abortion investigation, “was stunned that General Morrison would issue a clearance letter despite clear reason to be concerned about the authenticity of the documents produced” by Planned Parenthood. (Pages 30-31)
The court brief and attachments filed by District Attorney Phill Kline, are in response to a motion by Planned Parenthood to quash subpoenas issued by a Johnson County grand jury that is investigating them for illegal late abortions, the concealment of child rape, and other crimes.
Kline is asking for the grand jury to be extended in light of Planned Parenthood’s refusal to comply with the subpoenas for critical evidence.
The brief states that:

  • Judge Richard Anderson already certified that the records subject to the subpoenas had all identifying information removed, and that it “is not possible to identify any patient by reviewing the records.” (Pages 54-56)
    • Planned Parenthood’s own website indicated that their concern for “privacy” was so minimal that they routinely referred patient names and medical information to fundraisers for the purpose of extracting donations. (Pages 70-73)
      • Morrison repeatedly lied to the public about the security the records, indicating that he had to go on a 7-week “scavenger hunt” in order to locate all the copies. Those statements are completely contrary to a Kansas Bureau of Investigation report that indicates every record was exactly where the status report indicated that they would be. The KBI records indicate that all copies of the records were quickly accounted for. (Pages 62-67)
        • Morrison lied in a threatening “cease and desist” letter to Dr. Paul McHugh about having notified the psychiatry expert that he was still a witness in a potential case against George Tiller. (Pages 68-69)
        • Morrison resigned amid a sex scandal wherein he attempted to use his illicit lover to spy on Kline and his abortion investigations for the purpose of thwarting prosecutions.
          “Planned Parenthood is playing a game of delay, hoping that the clock will run out on the grand jury. They are used to having the corrupt protection of former Attorney General Morrison, and are hoping that Attorney General Six will also jump into their back pocket,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
          Attorney General Stephen Six has come under fire for resisting a subpoena in another grand jury investigation of George R. Tiller. Six was granted a stay on the subpoena after he argued that privacy rights were a concern, even though the requested records also contained no possible way to identify patients. His arguments have given the impression that he is following in Morrison’s footsteps.
          “Given the corruption under Morrison and the appearance of impropriety by Six, there is a real urgency that the grand jury be allowed to access evidence and be given adequate time to conclude their investigation,” said Newman. “Anything less must be viewed as obstruction of justice and evidence of corruption at the highest levels.”
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