Court acquits Pro-lifer of two misdemeanor charges; Attorney calls the police actions “Egregious.” Says, “It must be stopped!”
WICHITA, KS — Last fall, Wichita Police arrested pro-life Christian Brian Brooks prior to a peaceful First Amendment outreach conducted by Operation Rescue West that had been planned for the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. ORW, a leading pro-life organization, has for several years attempted to communicate the link between abortion and breast cancer at such venues across the nation.
Today Brooks finally had his day in court and was acquitted on both charges.
Before ORW’s educational outreach even began, Brooks was arrested on one count of battery on a police officer and one count of trespassing on Towne East property, where the Race for the Cure was being held.
During the trail, Towne East Chief of Security testified that she never authorized police to ban Operation Rescue West members from the parking lot if they were there for purposes other than protesting. Police instead decided on their own to ban the pro-lifers from the lot for any reason — a clear abuse of authority. Brooks had entered the Towne East property simply to use the public restroom facilities, when approached by police and asked to leave.
The judge dismissed the charge of criminal trespassing and found Brooks “Not Guilty” on the charge of battery of a police officer.
“ORW is happy to see Brain Brooks have his good named cleared of all wrong-doing,” said ORW President Troy Newman. “Furthermore, the city has been put on notice ‘They are not above the law!’” Operation Rescue West is considering a Civil Lawsuit against the city for this clear incident of abuse of power.
Commenting on today’s trail Brooks Attorney said the actions of the Wichita Police Officers were, “Egregious,” and said, “It must be stopped!”
Attorney Jay Greeno for Brian Brooks is available for comments at his office: 316-263-8200.