Bridgeport, CT – Today, the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (CLP) announced its decision to represent two pro-life advocates who were unlawfully detained and harassed by Connecticut State Troopers on Interstate 95.
On July 29, 2004, pro-life activists Michael Marcavage and Dennis Green were driving a truck with pictures attached that depicted the realities of abortion. As the men were approaching the City of Bridgeport, the truck was pulled over by Trooper David Febbraio because of the photographs on the side of the truck.
Febbraio informed Green that “people should have the freedom not to look at this….” Marcavage, while attempting to video-tape the discussion between Green and Febbraio, was placed under arrest. Green was escorted by another state trooper to the New York state line, and instructed not to return to Connecticut.
While in custody, Marcavage was continually berated by Febbaraio as being a “Jesus-freak,” a “wing-nut,” “brainwashed,” and an “extremist.” A year earlier, Febbraio had been arrested and charged with eight (8) counts of harassment of a disabled state police dispatcher. One of the allegations states that Febbraio, using the home address of the dispatcher and referring to the dispatcher as “Gimpy,” subscribed to magazines such as Playboy and CosmoGirl!. According to the Hartford Courant, Febbraio described the harassment as a practical joke.
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