Horrific abortion complication was not reported as required by law; OR asks Gov. Jindal to investigate
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Baton Rouge, LA – The embattled Delta Abortion Clinic of Baton Rouge faces more problems after Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, (LSBME), against one of their abortionists, Mary Frances Gardner, on behalf of a former patient who suffered such serious injuries there that she required a hysterectomy.
However, as horrific as her complications were, they were never reported to the Department of Health and Hospitals, as required by law.
The patient, whose name will remain confidential at her request, swore an affidavit detailing her horrific experience, which was submitted with the LSBME complaint. In it she describes an outdated clinic environment with rude workers that were, for the most part, unhelpful and even abusive, especially once complications began to manifest.
The patient alleges that in April, 2009, she went to Delta and received the abortion pill. After being in continuous pain for several days without much bleeding, returned to the clinic where the office manager conducted an ultrasound. The clinic manager told the patient, “You still have a lot of crap inside that needs to come out.” She was given a second dose of the abortion pill and was sent home, but was unsuccessful as well.
In pain, she made several calls to unresponsive and rude clinic workers, and was finally scheduled for a D&C procedure with Mary Frances Gardner, who had a prior history of discipline on file with the LSBME.
According to the patient’s affidavit, Gardner was rude to her and angry that the patient required additional treatment for which Gardner would receive no additional payment. The patient alleges that Gardner was infuriated that she had a cell phone, and physically and verbally abused her in an attempt to get the phone from her. Gardner called her a “crybaby” and told her, “I can’t wait to do this and get you out of my hair.”
Finally, Gardner performed the surgical procedure without giving the patient anesthesia, causing pain the patient could barely tolerate.
Later, the patient went to her family physician, who determined that she had abnormal tissue in the uterus and “a lot of old scarring.” The abortion was the only surgical procedure she ever had. So extensive was the damage that she was later given a hysterectomy.
“The [Delta] Doctor butchered me to say the least,” the patient wrote in her affidavit. “That is my opinion.” She now expresses great remorse for her abortion.
The Delta Clinic has a long history of abortion abuses and connections to accused Philadelphia murderer Kermit Gosnell. It has a long history going back at least to 1998 of violations and filthy conditions of a similar nature found at Gosnell’s “house of horrors” in Philadelphia. Two women, Ingar Weber and Shelia Hebert, are known to have died from botched abortions they received at Delta. Delta was never held accountable.
Local pro-lifers discovered documentation that shows the Delta Clinic submits pre-printed forms to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) with many of the boxes pre-filled. On two separate forms, obtained by Operation Rescue from sources in Louisiana, Box 9C titled Complication of Pregnancy Termination, the forms are pre-printed with an “x” next to the “None” response. That means even when complications arise, they are not reported, and that is a violation of the law.
Report of Induced Termination of Pregnancy-1
There is concern that the DHH is aware of this deceptive reporting by Delta and has turned a blind eye to it. That would make them accomplices in an illegal scheme to conceal abortion complications.
Operation Rescue has sent a letter to Gov. Bobby Jindal asking for a full investigation into the Delta/DHH reporting scam.
“It is a very serious thing to accuse the government of corruption and helping to cover-up abortion clinic abuses, but the evidence is pretty clear and speaks for itself,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger. “We are hoping that the Board of Medical Examiners and Gov. Jindal are more responsive.”
“We know that this complaint will not do anything to alleviate this patient’s suffering or bring back her precious baby, but it may help to expose the truth concerning the cruel and dangerous treatment dished out at the Delta Clinic and may prevent other women from suffering as this patient has suffered,” said Sullenger. “Louisiana authorities must hold Gardner accountable for her atrocious behavior, expose and eliminate any governmental cover-up or corruption inside its ranks, and work with the DHH to close this dangerous abortion clinic for good.”

  • Read the complaint and affidavit
  • Read letter to Gov. Jindal
  • DO MORE (Updated contact numbers): Please contact the DHH and demand the closure of Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge.
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