By Cheryl Sullenger
Albuquerque, NM – Abortion Free New Mexico has announced that it has filed a formal complaint against abortionist Curtis Boyd, 75, with the New Mexico Medical Board seeking a full investigation into the death of Patient K.A. earlier this year.
The facility where she had her fatal abortion, Southwestern Women’s Options, is owned and operated by Boyd. As confirmed last week, it is currently the subject of an FBI investigation related to the facility’s illegal participation in the sale for “valuable consideration” of aborted baby remains.
K.A. was 23 years old and in her 24th week of pregnancy when she reported to Southwestern Women’s Options on January 21, 2017, to begin a 3-4 day Dilation and Evacuation abortion procedure. When she returned on February 3, 2017, she suffered from shortness of breath and falling oxygen saturation levels.
Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico, who filed the complaint, noted that Boyd’s staff called 911 at 12:04 p.m. on February 3 asking for an ambulance to transfer K.A. to UNM Hospital, but the ambulance was later cancelled – a move that likely delayed emergency medical care that might have saved her life.
Somehow, K.A. was eventually taken to UNM Hospital later that day and was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m. on February 4, 2017.
An autopsy report incompletely concluded that K.A. died from Pulmonary thromboembolism and suspiciously attempted to blame K.A.’s pregnancy on her death. However, that same report stated, “The lining of the uterus, as well as the maternal surface of the placenta showed acute inflammation, consistent with the clinical picture of a septic abortion.”
In her complaint, Shaver stated, “It is my belief and that of medical professionals I have consulted with, that not only did Ms. A not receive timely emergency medical care to identify and treat the Pulmonary thromboembolism, but she also had sepsis (from the abortion) which is a known trigger for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) that I believe lead to Ms. A ultimate cause of death being Pulmonary thromboembolism.”
Operation Rescue assisted Abortion Free New Mexico with an investigation into K.A.’s death and supports their complaint.
“More could have been done to save this woman’s life. The Medical Board must hold Curtis Boyd accountable for the infection and the resulting complications that cost a young woman’s life,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Late-term abortions, especially in outpatient surgical settings, should be outlawed because of the barbaric nature of the procedure that dismembers a baby in the womb and because they just aren’t safe for women. Southwestern Women’s Options must be closed to prevent further injury and loss of life.”
Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life stated, “Are late term abortions really safe, legal and rare? Late term abortion up to the day of birth is legal in New Mexico. We have seen time and time again it is not rare that viable late term babies from around the world are murdered here in New Mexico. We also know abortion is not safe for the mothers of these dead babies. For Ms. A, her late term abortion was fatal. How many other women have died from late term abortions that have been covered up? How many more women must die before the medical community admits that abortions are not safe?”
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